STARBONDING is the perfect way to manufacture high-quality metallic and pearlescent effect powder coatings. As our partner you supply the basic powder coating to us as pre-material.
With the STARBONDING method, ECKART transforms your basic powder coatings into bonded powder coatings using metallic and / or pearlescent effect pigments.

The defined method of the thermo-mechanical process of STARBONDING provides powder coatings in which the platelet effect pigments are perfectly fixed on the surfaces of the spherical particles of the basic powder coating.

The most important benefits for your customers are: unlike the dry-blending method, this process enables bonded powder coatings to be reliably applied. 

ECKART offers the STARBONDING Service:
· for Europe at the main facility in Hartenstein, Germany
· for North America at the production site in Painesville, Ohio, USA