Different pigment categories to meet different requirements

The non-leafing pigments are well embedded into the matrix of the powder coating film which gives an additional barrier effect providing further protection for the pigments against mechanical and chemical influences.

Metallic Powder coatings containing non-leafing aluminum pigments are showing significantly better resistance to mechanical strength, and against corrosive chemicals, compared to powder coatings containing leafing aluminum pigments.

There are different pigment categories of non-leafing pigments available to meet different requirements:
- Superior pigment category: PCUplus
- Ultra-high-performance pigment category: PCU
- High-performance pigment category: PCS
- Standard pigment category: PCR and PCA

Each pigment category includes pigment grades of different particle sizes, providing a variety of optical effects, ranging from crystalline sparkle to silky gloss (see diagram below).

Overview of particle sizes and durability for powder coatings