Leafing aluminium and gold bronze pigments

In contrast to non-leafing pigments, leafing pigments exhibit a distinct tendency to float to the surface of the coating and to align parallel to the surface of the powder coating film.

Compared with coarse pigment particels, fine leafing pigments can move easily towards the surface of the highly  viscous melt of the powder coating film during the high-temperature curing process - resulting in more distinctive orientation and parallel alignment to the surface of the powder coating film.

For powder coatings therefore the special rule applies: the finer the leafing pigments, the more defined the chrome effect. Especially fine leafing pigments create powder coatings with particularly brilliant effects with extraordinary reflecting powder and chrome-like optical appearance.

The pigments of the PC series are highly brilliant leafing aluminium pigment powders which are especially designed for powder coating applications.

POWDERSAFE® are pelletized leafing gold bronze and aluminium pigment preparations developed for the direct extrusion in powder coatings.