POWDERSAFE are pelletized leafing aluminum pigment preparations developed for the direct extrusion in powder coatings.

The processing of POWDERSAFE is very easy and convenient: POWDERSAFE is added to the other raw materials at the premix stage, followed by extruding and grinding. POWDERSAFE allows an easy production of metallic powder coatings without addltlonal processing steps such as dry blending or bonding.

POWDERSAFE and are supplied in a soft granule form with a typical metal content of 80%, 85% or 90%.

POWDERSAFE-01 is especially suitable for the production of antique and hammer finishes whereas POWDERSAFE-02 is recommended for smooth powder coatings.

The most important advantages of POWDERSAFE are:

  • excellent silver metallic effects via extrusion processing
  • high silver metallic brilliance
  • dust-free
  • easy and safe handling
  • excellent shelf stability
  • cost-effective method of producing metallic powder coatings (no dry-blending or bonding necessary)
  • nearly no separation of the metallic pigments during powder coating application and recovery of the overspray

For abrasion resistance and whenever demands are placed on chemical resistance or weather stability, an adequate protective clear coat is recommended.

product name technical data sheet safety data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
PowderSafe 1080-01 PDF Silver
PowderSafe 1080-02 PDF Silver
PowderSafe 2080-02 PDF Silver
PowderSafe 3580-02 PDF Silver
PowderSafe 5080-02 PDF Silver