Non-leafing aluminium and gold bronze pigments

The non-leafing pigments are well embedded into the matrix of the powder coating film which gives an additional barrier effect providing further protection for the pigments against mechanical and chemical influences.

Metallic powder coatings finishes containing non-leafing aluminium pigments perform significantly better under mechanical strain, with less abraison of the metallic pigments and noticeably higher chemical resistance against corrosive chemicals compared to powder coating finishes based on leafing pigments.

The aluminium pigments of the PCR series are inorganically encapsulated with silicon dioxide.

As an alternative to the inorganic pigment coating of the PCR series, the pigments of the PCA series are encapsulated with organic polymer layers.

The RESIST gold bronze pigments consist of a metallic core (copper or copper/zinc alloys) which is encapsulated with homogeneous and compact silicate coatings.