GARAMITE - Oil phase, organic phase

Natural organophilic mixed silicates

Product Description
GARAMITE products were developed using the patented Mixed Mineral Thixotrope (MMT) technology. The MMT technology provides performance benefits which cannot be achieved by traditional organoclay additives. Due to the multiple particle morphologies of GARAMITE, the powder disperses very easily into oils and solvents with only moderate shear and no polar activator is needed.

• Very easy to disperse with moderate shear
• High and constant thixotropic thickening
• Outstanding anti-settling and anti-syneresis properties
• Improve thermal stability
• Ensure good sprayability of aerosols
• Improve spreadability of cosmetic products
• Impart a light skin feel Applications
• Antiperspirants
• Color Cosmetics (e.g. Mascara, Lipstick, etc.)
• Make-Up
• Powder Products
• Sunscreen Products

product name technical data sheet safety data sheet Colour shades
GARAMITE-7308 XR PDF Greyish White