ECKART Effect Pigments

ECKART Trendcolor Forecast Autumn/Winter 2017/18 – Unplugged


Natural, elegant, inspiring. Subtle color shades show a delicate touch of glamour.

Nude colors of coral & salmon interact side by side with high-contrast gray and shimmering silver. Opposite colors do attract!
Tradition meets modern spirit: classical lip color in a liquid lipstick encounters today's modern spirit with gray lip gloss.

The pressed powders create vibrant, energetic color tones with subdued shades offering new powers of expression. For example, the strong Gunmetal shade and the subdued Granite Silver.

Come as you are. Simple and restrained, yet with a unique splendor. Charming applications of unsurpassed coverage and metallic elegance from VISIONAIRE are paired with shimmering SYNCRYSTAL shades and dazzling highlights from MIRAGE.