ECKART Effect Pigments
  • Be yourself

Trend Color Forecast Autumn/Winter 2018/19 - BE YOURSELF

Natural tones emphasize personality

Lip Gloss: Be beautiful
Lip Tint: Be unique
Compact Eye Shadow: Be charming
Mousse Eye Shadow: Be glamorous
Nail Polishes: Be honest, Be caring, Be lovely
Revitalizing Face Lotion: Be happy

Everybody is unique – so be yourself, coz that’s simply wonderful! That’s what this trend is all about. The colors to underline the true self are a harmonious mélange of nude and powder shades plus a variety of warm reds, all of them based on earth tones supplied by SYNCRYSTAL Soft pigments.

Lip colors are either just nude with a hint of rose or a matte bordeaux. For the eyes, there’s either a shiny porcelain or a merlot tone, supported by MIRAGE Glamour Silver which produces a stunning sparkle reminiscent of a sequined dress. Nail polishes come in a classic red shade, a warm chestnut or toffee with a beautiful shimmer effect, generated by SYNCRYSTAL Sparkling Red.

Revitalizing Lotion - “Be happy”


Nail Polish – “Be lovely”PDF

Nail Polish – “Be honest”


Nail Polish – “Be caring”PDF
Lip Tint - “Be unique”PDF
Lip Gloss – “Be beautiful“PDF
Creamy Eye Shadow - “Be glamorous”PDF
Compact Eye Shadow - “Be charming”PDF