ECKART Effect Pigments

Real Motion - Robustness / Nature / Warmth

A glance into the infinite vastness of the sky. A relaxing walk through nature. The fragrance of the forest and the warming sun, whose rays gently shine through the treetops. the mere thought of this conjures a smile on our faces. Nature makes people happy. No sonner have we left urban life behind us and ventured into the greenery when we feel a deep, almost instinctive sense of satisfaction.

Humans simply have a special connection to nature, and are in harmony with it.

Today this deep rootedness shapes our behaviour more than ever. We protect the environment where we can and seek a connection with nature more strongly than ever before. This is why organic materials are in great demand. Coarse linen fabrics and jeans, but also flowing materials such as rayon, are particularly popular.

In terms of colour, soft and intense shades of blue and green play hommage to nature inspired shapes in the trend world. In the area of interior design, natural combinations are also trending - like oak woods, which bring a comforting warmth to the cool plain colours.

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