Image of two bottles with labels that have mirror effect ink.
Mirror Effect Metalure Quantum

Mirror Effect for the Printing Industry

METALURE® Quantum products are mirror effect, highly brilliant, non-leafing Vacuum Metallized Pigments (VMP). These extremely thin aluminum flakes are produced in a special process, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD).

METALURE® Quantum pigment concentrates are recommended for a wide variety of printing applications such as flexo, gravure and screen printing inks and can be formulated to achieve effects similar to those produced with metalized substrates and foils.

METALURE® Quantum brand signifies the highest quality pigments in the ECKART PVD portfolio offering the following benefits:

  • Highest gloss: up to 50 units glossier than existing METALURE® products, measured in both the 20° and 60° angles
  • Reduced haze for a brighter more chrome-like appearance
  • Color shift in all angles to the customer preferred darker, more bluish shade
  • Lowest sieve residue to minimize film formation defects
    Improved adhesion to all substrates used in target applications
product name technical data sheet safety data sheet Colour shades
METALURE® Quantum 610073 NP Silver
METALURE® Quantum 610103 AE Silver