SILVERSHINE AE 800 - A Leader in Brilliance and Coverage

The latest grinding technologies, the densest particle distribution, and aluminum ingredients of the highest quality all combined to produce an impressive result: SILVERSHINE AE 800!

These new, non-leafing silver dollar pigments, which were specially designed for the printing industry, represent the best combination of brilliance, metallic effect, and coverage currently available on the global market.

For high-quality gravure or flexo printing – or other solvent-based applications, in screen printing, for example – you can choose between the shimmering metallic shine of SILVERSHINE AE 809 and the sparkling silver of the SILVERSHINE AE 811 pigments.
SILVERSHINE AE 809 provides impressively high coverage even with low pigmentation. SILVERSHINE AE 811 features the highest brilliance compared to similar competitors and even our own silver dollars.

Ideal substrates, recommended applications? We especially recommend cardboard substrates for cigarette packs and folding cartons of all types. SILVERSHINE AE 800 also showcases its impressively homogeneous silver effect on wet-glue and self-adhesive labels, both in direct and reverse printing.

SILVERSHINE AE 800 even retains its metallic brilliance when stained with colored pigments – especially when using 30–50% less metallic pigments in your formulation.
And when it comes to the formulation of imitation gold, SILVERSHINE AE 800 is the ideal choice, where again, less metallic pigment leads to an intensive gold color.

The product range is available as a paste with a shelf life of six months, containing ethyl acetate as a solvent. And by the way: all of the components of the new range are listed in the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles.

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