digital metallic ink
Digital Metallic Ink

Drop On Demand Digital Metallic Ink

We are part of the global digital metallic ink movement combining our specialties with current requirements and state-of the-art technical equipment.

JETFLUID inks are the world’s first and fastest digital printing metallic inks developed by ECKART and have been particularly formulated for piezo technology inkjet. Creating a metallic effect in the digital inkjet world just requires one spot color channel at your printing machine. 

The inks print at comparable production speed related to the process colors and can be easily adopted in the existing printing process through a spot color channel.

Use JETFLUID as your standard metallic effect for your digital prints on various substrates and for many applications: posters & banners, textiles & leather, composite boards, labels, wood, carton and paper, marking & coding, proofing, car wraps and interior decoration, packaging, stickers etc.