Metallic Inks for Digital Printing
Metallic Inks for Digital Printing

Metallic Inks For Digital Printing

With JETFLUID Metallic inkjet inks you gain innovative added value for your digital print job:
• Add metallic effects to your digital prints and create a real eye catcher without using any metallized substrate
• Combine JETFLUID with standard CMYK to print a whole new universe of metallic colors
• Print at normal production speeds. No need to slow down your machine, no special equipment necessary
• Use JETFLUID inks also for prints on non-coated standard vinyl to gain brilliant results
• Replace the white under print on dark materials with JETFLUID metallics and achieve fascinating effects

JETFLUID SB inks are solvent based systems, providing a very high gloss level and permit extraordinary effects particularly on synthetic materials. They are especially capable for wide format printing and proofing systems.