Drop on demand Digital Metallic Inks

JETFLUID inks are the world’s first and fastest digital printing metallic inks developed by ECKART and have been particularly formulated for piezo technology inkjet.
These inks print at comparable production speed related to the process colors and can be easily adopted in the existing printing process through a spot color channel.

Use JETFLUID as your standard metallic effect for your digital prints on various substrates and for many applications:

  • Posters & Banners
  • Textiles & Leather
  • Composite boards
  • Labels
  • Wood, Carton and Paper
  • Marking & Coding
  • Proofing
  • Car wraps and interior decoration
  • Packaging
  • Sticker
  • et al.

With JETFLUID Metallic inkjet inks you gain innovative added value for your digital print job:

  • Add metallic effects to your digital prints and create a real eye catcher without using any metallized substrate
  • Combine JETFLUID with standard CMYK to print a whole new universe of metallic colors
  • Print at normal production speeds. No need to slow down your machine, no special equipment necessary
  • Use JETFLUID inks also for prints on non-coated standard vinyl to gain brilliant results
  • Replace the white under print on dark materials with JETFLUID metallics and achieve fascinating effects

JETFLUID products can be easily used in most of the leading piezo technologies. Creating a metallic effect in the digital inkjet world just requires one spot color channel at your printing machine. Please enquire for any specific needs or contact any of our distribution partners.