NACE Conference - Corrosion 2019

The NACE Conference, Corrosion 2019, is an annual event that brings together the global corrosion prevention and mitigation community.

Why is the NACE Conference, Corrosion 2019 important?

The NACE Conference is important because of the diversity of those that attend. NACE averages 6,000 attendees. This gathering includes professionals from many backgrounds including scientists, researchers, engineers and technicians.

This is more than a social event. It is rich with idea-sharing. In addition to the many exhibitors, including ECKART, there are a number educational opportunities. This event attracts speakers and presenters from around the globe that come to share their knowledge in speeches, training sessions and seminars.

Why is NACE important to ECKART?

ECKART is a global manufacturer of metallic pigments. The NACE Conference, Corrosion 2019, gives us an opportunity to discuss our functional pigments. While ECKART offers thousands of pigment variations, our line of Zinc Flake, Aluminum Flake and Stainless Steel pigments truly fits to the demands of the corrosion community.

ECKART Zinc Flake pigments are offered as powders and pastes. Zinc flake pastes made from selected alloys are also available if required.

What makes Zinc Flake so special?

The NACE Conference, Corrosion 2019, is the perfect place for ECKART to talk about the products the company offers especially for corrosion protection. Zinc Flakes are widely used in corrosion preventative coating applications, e.g. to protect small articles, such as nuts and bolts. However, it is Zinc Flakes’ use in Heavy Duty Corrosion Protection that deserves special attention.

Zinc Dust is widely used in corrosion protection. Zinc Flake is able to provide the same galvanic protection at lower PVC level while in parallel a barrier effect is achieved due to the laminar structure of the Zinc flakes. This not only means efficient long-time protection, but also great ecological & economical benefits with reduced raw material consumption.

Zinc Dust

  • Cross Cut of a typical three-layer coating build up.
  • Blue (2 C PU top coat approx. 60-80 µm dry film thickness)
  • Red (2 C Epoxy intermediate with iron mica coat approx. 150- 180 µm
  • Gray (2 C Epoxy Zinc dust rich primer approx. 70 µm with a PVC of 40 % Zinc dust

Zinc Flake

  • Cross Cut of a typical three- layer coating build up.
  • Blue (2 C PU top coat approx. 60-80 µm dry film thickness)
  • Red (2 C Epoxy intermediate with iron mica coat approx. 150- 180 µm
  • Gray (2 C Epoxy Zinc flake based primer approx. 100 µm with a PVC of 12 % Zinc flake

Zinc Flake and the latest version of ISO 12944-6:2018

According to the latest version of the ISO 12944-6:2018, segment 5.2 – “type of primer”, two main categories of primer are differentiated. According to the ISO they are defined as:

  • Zinc-rich primers, Zn [R], are those in which the zinc dust pigment content of paint is equal to or greater than 80 % by mass in dry film.
  • Other primers (misc.) are all others categories of primers.

 Zinc flake based primers are falling under the definition of, “Other primers (misc.)”

What is ECKART’s goal?

ECKART’s objective is to visit events, like Corrosion 2019, to continue the conversation about Zinc Flakes. The benefits of Zinc Flakes are undoubtedly worth considering for any project that demands superior corrosion resistance.

Luckily, we will have a booth at this year’s NACE Conference to further the markets awareness of ECKART’s corrosion protection concepts as viable option. If you would like to learn more about ECKART’s products and how they can help your next project or coatings system, visit booth 2308 to speak with an ECKART expert.

If you will attend the show and would like to tell us ahead of time that you will be coming, fill out the form below and someone from ECKART will be in contact.

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