ECKART Effect Pigments

Gallery of Brilliance at European Coatings Show

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fine silver pigment variants, illusions of three-dimensional depth and shimmering shades with an impressive lustre. Discover the artistic side of ECKART – in the ‘Gallery of Brilliance’.Innovative, first-rate exhibits, products and applications reveal the  emotionality and functionality hidden within ECKART effect pigments. We want to inspire you with ‘The Art of Effect Pigments’ – use ECKART products to achieve a unique finish for your applications! We would be happy to meet you in person at the European Coatings Show 2017, Hall 4 A, Booth 314a. 

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SILVERSHINE 400: Brilliant silver and excellent flop

Fine and medium silver pigments almost free of scattering properties: this is the new SILVERSHINE 400 series. Novel grinding processes, very narrow particle size distribution, and careful selection of high-quality aluminum grit produce highly brilliant silver colors and an excellent flop behavior.

So much color never existed: EDELSTEIN

Incomparable color intensity and saturation as well as extraordinary durability distinguish EDELSTEIN, pearlescent pigments based on premium layered silicate. The first product in the new range, EDELSTEIN Ruby Red, has an intensive, high-chromatic red and complements the velvety-shimmering and strongly sparkling effects of SYMIC and LUXAN.

METALURE® QUANTUM - PVD pigments on a new level

The glossy chrome effect of METALURE® Quantum is unrivalled. Numerous improvements in the technical properties lift PVD pigments to a completely new level: reduced sieve residue, optimized particle distribution and improved adhesion properties.

High-brilliance chrome effects with HYDROSHINE

The new HYDROSHINE WS-6001 provides the darkest shade in this series of pigments with high-brilliance chrome effects. Also new: HYDROSHINE WS-4140, which combines a slightly brighter nuance with the highest brilliance. The PVD aluminum pigments enclosed in a transparent capsule of silicon dioxide (SiO2) show very high gassing and chemical stability.

New pigments for powder coatings

There are several innovations for powder coatings: STAY/STEEL® LN 25 contains low-nickel stainless flakes, which produce metallic-looking surfaces and provide high chemical stability. SYMIC PCE A001 ensures a neutral and even silvery color and is extremelyweather-resistant. STANDART® PCS 600, a bright and whitish silver dollar with unique covering power, produces uniform surfaces with high abrasion resistance. STANDART® PCBF 3500 createsmetallic effects, up to date impossible with powder coating processes, without employing bonding techniques.

STAPA® 15 ZnMg26: Protection for steel and aluminum

STAPA® 15 ZnMg26 is a flake-shaped corrosion protection pigment based on a novel alloy. The product is particularly suited to cathodic corrosion protection on steel and aluminum surfaces.

eConduct: Conductivity at a reasonable price

The new eConduct range offers a perfect price-performanceratio for pigments that need to be electrically conductive. They are significantly less expensive than pure silver, but they also ensure stable performance and consistent quality. eConduct pigments contain a silver-layered core made of aluminum grit or copper flakes.

Brilliant and food-friendly - in short FPG

For all printing processes, ECKART offers mineral oil-free pastesand printing inks for food packaging in its portfolio. They are characterized by their unique brilliance and meet all regulatory requirements at the same time. They can be identified by the abbreviation FPG (Food Packaging Grade) in the product name.