ECKART at K 2013

ECKART effect pigments for plastics: exceptional appearance plus
amazing functionality

At the international K 2013 trade fair in Düsseldorf, ECKART is presenting its
innovations in Hall 5/E16.

Hartenstein, 9/11/2013 - Plastics pigmented with ECKART effect pigments
open up new markets for Masterbatchers and Compounders in the automotive
industry and associated suppliers. These pigments can be used for instance in
plastic applications for door handles, side add-ons, interior trim, gear knobs,
covers and other decorative elements to create a metallic appearance.
Presenting the variety of possible applications will be the main focus at the
ECKART booth at the K 2013 international trade fair for plastics and rubber,
Hall 5/E16, from October 16 to 23, 2013.

SILVERSHINE for a metallic look

SILVERSHINE pigments enhance visual appearance of mass tinted plastics in
order to achieve a metallic or steel look of plastics parts. These highly brilliant
aluminum pigments provide outstanding optical properties, excellent hiding
power and a distinctive flop. SILVERSHINE is especially suitable for plastics
with high-quality surface properties, i.e. engineering plastics such as PC/ABS
as well as polyolefins. Additionally, mass colored plastics are less scratchsensitive
compared to coated surfaces.

Automotive OEMs as well as TIER suppliers derive multiple benefits from using
plastics pigmented with SILVERSHINE. This technology renders solutions
possible that reduce production and logistic overhead and decreases both
energy consumption and emissions. All in all, unit costs can be reduced by up
to 30 percent.

ENERGYSAFE reflects sunlight

ECKART's new ENERGYSAFE pigments provide innovative functional
properties, i.e. plastics enhanced with ENERGYSAFE absorb less sunlight.
They reflect up to 60 percent of solar radiation. The materials heat up
correspondingly less. ENERGYSAFE effect pigments thus open up enormous
potential for realizing energy-efficient solutions with plastic materials.

ENERGYSAFE is particularly suitable for outdoor applications, such as wall
sidings or plastic roof tiles, as well as for wood plastic composites (WPC)
decking. Applications in automotive interior, such as dashboards or artificial
leather, present additional opportunities for use.

LASERSAFE for environmentally friendly laser marking

To date, heavy metal-based pigments were required for laser marking of caps
and closures or other plastic parts. With LASERSAFE, ECKART offers an
environmentally friendly alternative. This new generation of effect pigments is
based on aluminum and is free of heavy metals.
LASERSAFE can be easily processed and is designed for both transparent
and colored plastics. It is suitable for laser marking with all standard lamp
technology, such as the Nd: YAG laser system operating at 1064 nm, even at
extremely high speeds. The resulting distinct clear type speaks for itself.

SYMIC – color-pure glitter effects

SYMIC presents the next generation of synthetic mica-based pearlescent
pigments. The silver-colored SYMIC types feature high color purity and are
therefore of particular interest for bright full tones. The brilliance values
significantly exceed the specifications of comparable pearls based on natural
mica. The synthetic substrate enables substantially lower heavy metal content.
These features make SYMIC destined for use in cosmetic packaging.

LUXAN – the new dimension for intensive colors

High value LUXAN effect pigments are characterized by extraordinary
brilliance, unique color intensity and color purity. Thanks to the high
transparency of these glass pearl pigments, they can be combined with any
desired color shade without impairing its original color character. They provide
extraordinary three-dimensional depth effect due to an exceptional light
reflection and brightness. For instance, small quantities of LUXAN turn a plain
black into a flashing eyecatcher. LUXAN opens up new possibilities for striking
individual product design and innovative packaging solutions, for instance in
the consumer goods industry – particularly for high-gloss applications.

PLATALUX for intensive glossy effects

The range of different effect colors has been expanded to include a new silvery
glitter effect pigment. This silver-coated glass pigment is called PLATALUX. It
enables extraordinarily intensive glitter effects in pure colors or in combination
with transparent color pigments and dyes.
The pigment provides good hiding power and excellent temperature stability,
and can thus also be used for transparent high-temperature applications.