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Sparkling New Frontier for Plastics Packaging

Sparkling New Frontier for Plastics Packaging

The trend color proposal New Frontier, created in collaboration by ECKARTand PolyOne Corporation, adds a new dimension to visual perception of plastics.

Hartenstein, 3/17/2014 - ECKART, a worldwide leading manufacturer of effect pigments, today announced the release of New Frontier, a trend setting color concept developed in collaboration with PolyOne Corporation. With its stunning sparkling effects, the color concept adds a new dimension to tinted plastics, enhancing their emotional impact on consumers at the point of sale. New Frontier consists of five colors, including shiny jet black as well as different shades of bronze and blue.
Due to their metallic and pearlescent pigments, the color tones vary with light, resulting in star-like sparkles and related shining and glistening effects. The new color concept draws on the fascination of outer space. It evokes images of adventure and mystery, of faraway planets, twinkling orbits, and expeditions into the unknown. By the same token it appeals to the intrinsic longing tomaster new horizons.
"As an effect pigment manufacturer it is our mission to turn emotions into color“says Dr Dietmar Mäder, ECKART’s Global Head of Marketing & Technical Service Plastics. "Color concepts like New Frontier carry an emotional appeal which helps our customers to differentiate their products significantly and enthuse consumers at the same time."
Based on initiatives like these, ECKART supports its customers in their desire to create exciting and novel color solutions with premium quality and added value. Specifiers and brand owners, for example, can employ color conceptssupplied by ECKART in order to inspire consumers at the point of sale.

The ECKART Group, an ALTANA AG company, is the world's leading manufacturer of effect pigments.Today the Group employs approx. 1850 people and develops, produces and markets metallic effect andpearlescent pigments in powder, paste and pellet form, as well as concentrates, dispersions andprinting inks all over the world.
In addition to the plastics industry, ECKART products are used in the graphical industry, the paint andaerated-concrete industry and in cosmetic products. ECKART does business in more than 70 countries.Detailed information on the company and its products can also be found on the internet at