SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Gold - A real gold shade based on synthetic mica

Painesville, May 2015 - SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Gold, presented by ECKART at NYSCC from May 12th to 13th 2015 at booth 831, is a real gold shade that enhances all kinds of skin care and color cosmetic applications with a sensational lustrous / aristocratic appearance.

ECKART showcases its portfolio of pearlescent, metallic effect pigments and fillers that is widely utilized in the color cosmetic and personal care segment. Effect pigments visibly enhance the appearance of products like shower gels, creams, eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, or nail polishes. They add velvety shimmer, pure shine or expressive sparkle to formulations. The pigment portfolio has been sensibly supplemented with rheological modifiers of ECKART’s sister division BYKAdditives Inc. Based on natural minerals, these additives are used to improve viscosity, boost stability, and have anti-settling characteristics. ECKART is the exclusive manufacturing representative of these additives manufactured by BYK.
BYK Instruments have been exhibiting their measurement solutions for cosmeticsat Suppliers’ Day for several years now. The company offers a range of easy to handle instruments, designed to optimize quality control during production.

ECKART's product portfolio builds on its five series of effect pigments and its range of fillers. Based on borosilicate, MIRAGE pigments create extraordinary glamorous effects with maximum sparkle, color purity and luster. This season, the series is further expanded with five color grades in the new and finest particle size range of10 - 50μm, namely three interference shades MIRAGE Silver, Red and Blue, and two earth tone shades MIRAGE Champagne and Fire-Red.

The VISIONAIRE series based on aluminum and metal alloys respectively, combines dramatic metallic reflection with unrivalled coverage. A broad variety of metallic effects can be achieved in color cosmetic applications like eye shadows, blushes, lip sticks or body powders.

Synthetic mica is the basis for the SYNCRYSTAL range. Due to their high purity and excellent chroma, the products offer silvery pearlescent and brilliant interference color effects in combination with warm earth tones and expressive colors. The pigments provide a superior skin feel. The range is extended with three earth tone pigments showing an average particle size of 1 - 15μm. SYNCRYSTAL Soft Peach, Soft Bronze and Soft Copper are perfectly suited for trending alphabet creams, tinted creams and lotions as well as all kinds of color cosmetic applications.

SYNAFIL is a group of cosmetic fillers, with SYNAFIL S designed to optimize product properties like skin feel, pay-off, and pressability of powders. It is based on synthetic fluorphlogopite. SYNAFIL W, on the other hand, is a polypropylene wax, designed to create mattifying effects in formulations.

SILVERDREAM creates impressive metallic effects in nail polish. The rangeincludes SILVERDREAM Starlight’s captivating silver sparkle and SILVERDREAM Polaris’ three dimensional effects.

Soft Emotions is the name of a new personal care concept, presenting dedicated prototypes for the use of soft & luminous effect pigments in personal care products. Employing ECKART's premium effect pigments, the concept introduces brand new soft earth tone shades of its synthetic mica series, SYNCRYSTAL as well as its finest category in the borosilicate based MIRAGE series. Both are combining sparkle and illumination effects in a selection of skin care and decorative cosmetics applications. 

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The ECKART Group, an ALTANA AG company, is the world's leading manufacturer of effect pigments. Today the Group employs approx. 1850 people and develops, produces and markets metallic effect and pearlescent pigments in powder, paste and pellet form, as well as concentrates, dispersions and printing inks all over the world.
In addition to the cosmetics and personal care industry, ECKART products are used in the paint and coatings industry, the graphic arts industry, the lightweight concrete industry and in plastic products. ECKART does business in more than 70 countries.
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