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Stunning Effects Designed to Appeal to Young Target Groups

Hartenstein, 11.04.2016 - Four new effect pigments, three exciting color trends for Spring/Summer 2017 plus an inspiring concept of sun- and after-sun-products are the highlights ECKART showcases at in-cosmetics in Paris, April 12-14, in hall 1, booth H50.

The new pigments enrich the German manufacturer’s multifaceted cosmetic portfolio consisting of effect pigments, fillers and rheology additives. The new products create a variety of effects, ranging from rainbow-like kaleidoscopes to achromatic grey and from point sparkle to subtle satiny shimmer.

SILVERDREAM Prismatic H-115002 is provided as a pigment dispersion designed specifically for nail polish applications, featuring a unique effect pigment made by physical vapor deposition. Thanks to the large particle size of the flakes, this novelty creates eye-catching polychromatic effects, transforming the nail polish into a rainbow-like kaleidoscope of colors. The color travel is achieved by the interference of light on the proprietary embossed aluminum flakes.

SYNCRYSTAL Soft Black combines excellent hiding power with a subtle satiny shimmer and an outstanding skin feel. Based on iron oxide coated synthetic mica platelets of very fine particle size, the unique pigment creates a dark graphite-like color and helps to darken applications. Formulated either in full shade or in interplay with other effect pigments or colorants, this novelty is a versatile tool with many facets.

MIRAGE Bronze and MIRAGE Copper complete the range of earth tones which ECKART launched last year with MIRAGE Champagne and MIRAGE Fire-Red. Made of medium-sized borosilicate particles, the pigments are intended to spice up formulations with color-intense luminosity and fascinating point sparkle effects.

VISIONAIRE Bright Splendid Champagne is a unique product with excellent performance. As a successor to VISIONAIRE Bright Champagne, the metallic pigment now features the advanced silica encapsulation technology proprietary to ECKART. The new variant stands out by a metallic champagne shade, especially attractive when applied to eye lids or on the nails. VISIONAIRE Bright Splendid Champagne valorizes by an unrivalled warm metallic glow.

With its color trends for Spring and Summer 2017 and its skin care concept, called Snatches of Sunshine, ECKART also presents creative formulation ideas. Selected applications show how decorative cosmetics as well as skin care products will benefit from effect pigments and rheological additives.

For spring and summer 2017 ECKART has identified three major color trendswhich are highlighted in the concepts „Hello, May!“, „Eve’s Dream“ and„Cohachella“.

Based mainly on SYNCRYSTAL and MIRAGE pigments “Hello, May!“ plays with the fresh and manifold aspects of bold natural colors in the spring season. “Hello, May!” especially enchants creamy eye shadows and nail polishes, transforming them into true eye catchers.

“Eve’s Dream“ is a selection of liquid eye shadows and lip glosses in shades ranging from nude over powdery rose to dark violet. The series is based almost exclusively on the SYNCRYSTAL pigment family and shows how the evergreen of pastel like colors can be reinterpreted by adding luminosity and shine.

The hippiesh midsummer festival style, called “Cohachella“, stands out by its unconventional colors. Applications are mainly based on SYNCRYSTAL pigments which add illumination and shine to the bold, and somewhat mystic indigo, brown, red, and green bulk colors.

Snatches of Sunshine consists of tattoo sunblock lotion, colored nose coat, sun protection cream, after-sun aloe vera gel, and baked body highlighter. All five formulations demonstrate how effect pigments and rheological additives can be successfully employed in products, geared at a young target group who expects soothing skin care in interplay with a stunning look & feel to enjoy fun leisure time on the beach.
SYNCRYSTAL and MIRAGE pigments are used to create the desired optical highlights. In the aloe gel, for example, green pigments help to even the tone of sun reddened skin, whereas blue pigments in the colored nose coat support its ultramarine shade. Silver helps to undull the sun block lotion, mainly colored with SynCrystal Soft Peach, whereas a mixture of effect pigments with golden, bronze and ivory effects creates an attractive sand tone in the body highlighter.

The lotions’ or creams’ attractive texture and fine feel is mostly achieved with thickeners that also work as stabilizers for pigments, e.g. OPTIGEL-WX XR or LAPONITE-XLG.


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ECKART Trend color Eve’s Dream

ECKART Trend color Hello, May!

ECKART Trend color Cohachella

ECKART Snatches of Sunshine Concept

ECKART SynCrystal Soft Black Concept

ECKART Silverdream Prismatic

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