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Hartenstein, September 21, 2016

At K 2016 in Düsseldorf, ECKART presents innovative pigments and new colour trends

Hartenstein, 21 September 2016 - Extravagant gloss and sparkling effects for plastics of all kinds are at the center of the CITY OF EFFECTS which ECKART showcases at the K 2016 in Düsseldorf from 19 to 26 October. In Hall 5, booth E16, the effect pigment manufacturer presents innovations that provide creative stimuli for packaging design and for the design of decorative elements in automotive interiors. "Our new pigments offer the possibility to transform effects into emotions which attract consumers and pay off for our customers at the point of sale," Dr. Dietmar Mäder, Global Head of Plastics, Marketing & Technical Service groups at ECKART, sums up.

LUXAN K: Exceptional gloss for transparent materials
The new LUXAN K family provides exceptional luster in transparent packaging of foods and cosmetics. It is also suitable for use in the interior trim of automobiles, for household appliances, or in sports or leisure goods.

On the one hand, the special features of the new LUXAN K series rest upon their high transparency and brilliance. In combination with dyes in particular, they offer a unique added value for applications based on transparent resins, such as PETG, Glass Polymer™ and Tritan™. Next to the "see through"-effect they create a 3D-effect, providing the impression that brilliance arises from the depths. On the other hand, LUXAN K combines extraordinary sparkling effects with high chroma and unrivalled colour intensity. To packaging materials, this adds a luxurious luster effect, reminiscent of a diamond sparkle.

In automotive applications, the impression of distinctive elegance arises. The pigments are perfectly suited to high gloss jet-black plastic components, used for example in the interior trim of automobiles.
With LUXAN K pigments, shades such as “Piano Black”, for example, obtain an unmatched brilliance and convey a touch of sumptuousness.

LUXAN K is approved for food contact. It is suitable for polyolefins and PVC as well as for engineering plastics.

SYMIC C 393: as brilliant as the sun
With the versatile pigment SYMIC C 393 ECKART extends its SYMIC series to a highly chromatic gold shade, which wows because of its high light refraction and its reflective properties.

These effects are achieved, because ECKART employs an innovative coating technology for the production of SYMIC C 393. It refines synthetic sheet silicate with customized metal oxides. The result is an exceptional colour purity and depth combined with brilliance and sparkling effects, which associates the sparkle of sun rays. Like all other products of the SYMIC series, the new goldcoloured effect pigment SYMIC C 393 is also suited for various applications, such as packaging for food and cosmetics as well as for decorative purposes, of course.

Premiere: the new trend colors concept "Wind Poems"
ECKART pigments open up a rich palette of design and design possibilities - as demonstrated by the new trend colour series "Wind Poems", which premieres in Düsseldorf as part of the Colour Road 2016/17. Its twelve innovative colour creations show how the variety of designs can be creatively enhanced by effects. Even beiges and greys obtain fresh accents with effect pigments.

The examples of cosmetic packaging showcased at K 2016 in the colours of the Colour Road 2016/17 testify to the potential effect pigments open up to brand owners. Innovative colour design supports a powerful brand appearance at the point of sale, triggering effects which impress consumers and create sustainable buying incentives. The trend service Colour Road collaborates with colour and product designers as well as international institutes in order to shape trends and future colour collections. ECKART is a cooperation partner of RENOLIT’s Colour Road.



Wind Poems:
Irresistible Movement

Wind Poems:
Silent Transformation

Wind Poems:
Temporary Reflextion


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