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At the European Coatings Show (ECS), 4 to 6 April, 2017, in Nuremberg, ECKART presents a "Gallery of Brilliance“ in Hall 4 A, booth 314 A.

Hartenstein, 24.03.2017 – ECKART presents a "Gallery of Brilliance" to the visitors of the European Coatings Show 2017 (ECS). With innovative products and applications combining functionality with pure emotion, the pigment producer shows its creative side in ”The Art of Effect Pigments“: fine silver pigments, lustrous chrome-like effects of awesome brilliance and a highly chromatic ruby red shade. Printing inks and pastes which are suited to food packaging are another focus of ECKART's ECS presentation in Hall 4 A, booth 314 A.

The new silver dollars: top in brilliance, metallic effects and opacity

A unique combination of brilliance, metallic effects and opacity are the characteristics of the new SILVERSHINE 400 series. This was achieved by the advancement of the silver dollar technology: novel grinding processes, a very narrow particle size distribution plus the careful selection of high-quality aluminum grit produce highly brilliant silver colors and an excellent flop behavior, ranging from smooth and structureless effects to classy sparkle.

The fact that the fine and medium-fine silver dollar pigments are almost free of scattering properties contributes to SILVERSHINE 400’s compelling optical properties. Even when tinted with organic pigments, their metallic character remains.

Suitable applications for the solvent based SILVERSHINE 400 series are high-end coatings and premium-quality ink systems, e.g. for vehicles, consumer electronics, and household appliances, but also for the graphic arts industry.

Outstanding chemical and gassing stability in aqueous systems are the most striking properties of the complementary STAPA® IL HYDROLAN® S waterborne product versions.

There’s only one name for colored sparkle: EDELSTEIN

For centuries, jewels have been treasured because of their sparkle and their lasting beauty. ECKART gave these properties to a new series of pearlescent pigments, based on premium layered silicate. Like its role model from nature, the portfolio impresses with incomparable color intensity. Added to that are high color saturation and exceptional durability. The first product in this series is EDELSTEIN Ruby Red.

Glossy chrome effect: METALURE® Quantum

PVD pigments on a completely new level: METALURE® Quantum exhibits much stronger gloss than comparable products. Numerous improvements regarding the technical properties are associated with this, such as, for example, reduced sieve residue, optimized particle distribution, and improved adhesion properties. Applications range from consumer electronics, car interiors and wheel rims to decorative purposes. METALURE® Quantum is the first choice wherever a glossy chrome effect is desired. It is also ideally suited for mirror effects for printing applications.

Stable beauty: HYDROSHINE with two new members

The elegant HYDROSHINE family has two new members. One – HYDROSHINE WS-6001 – provides the darkest shade within this unique series of effect pigments. The other – HYDROSHINE WS-4140 – combines a slightly brighter nuance with highest brilliance. Both products have optimum gassing and chemical resistance.

ECKART’s HYDROSHINE products, developed for water based systems, are known for their high-brilliance chrome effects. They are based on high-quality PVD aluminum pigments, enclosed in a transparent capsule of silicon dioxide (SiO2). This makes HYDROSHINE particularly stable, without using heavy metal. With their high resistance to chemical influences, gases, and hydrolysis, the pigments have excellent intercoat adhesion. Moreover, they are extremely shear-resistant.

Whether consumer electronics, plastics, auto parts or decorative objects – thanks to HYDROSHINE, frequently used surfaces remain like new for a long.

Improved performance and effects for powder coatings

AT the ECS, ECKART introduces several new pigment series for effective powder coatings. These include STAY/STEEL® LN 25. These stainless steel flakes with low nickel content produce surfaces with a metallic look on buildings or industrial plants and are ideally suited to applications where stability against alkaline chemicals is required. Further properties are high abrasion resistance, easy processability, and excellent opacity.

SYMIC PCE A001 is a new member of the SYMIC PCE family – pearlescent pigments with high weather resistance. It produces an even, neutral silver shade. The pigments’ high efficiency allows low dosage, reducing costs as a result. SYMIC PCE A001 can be employed in interior and exterior applications.

STANDART® PCS is a family of high-performance aluminum pigments, which are encapsulated in the special sol-gel process with a compact silicon dioxide layer. The new product in this series, PCS 600, is a luminous and extremely white silver dollar with unique hiding power. It creates smooth, even surfaces with high abrasion, chemical, and weathering resistance. STANDART® PCS 600 can be used for furniture, household appliances and exterior applications.

STANDART® PCBF 3500 is designed for paint manufacturers who either do not have bonding technologies or have little experience with them – hence the affix PCBF, which stands for Powder Coating Bonding Free. The non-leafing aluminum pigments are double-coated in a patent-protected process. The first layer of the particles consists of anorganic sol-gel silicate, the second of thermally hardened binder molecules. This creates metallic effects, which were until now not possible with powder coatings. Thanks to their high recovery stability, the application properties of the coatings that contain a PCBF pigment and that were produced by the Dry-Blend method are comparable with bonded powder coatings.

eConduct replaces pure silver

ECKART’s new range of eConduct pigments offers perfect price-performance ratio when it comes to electrical conductivity. The pigments are much more cost-effective than pure silver, while providing stable performance and steady quality at the same time. eConduct pigments contain a silver-coated core made of aluminum grit or copper flakes. Suited to adhesives, sealants, and plastics, they can be employed in printed electronics and in coatings for electronic shielding among other things.

STAPA® 15 ZnMg 26 – Protection for steel and aluminum

STAPA® 15 ZnMg 26 is a plate-shaped corrosion protection pigment based on a novel alloy. The product is ideally suited for the cathodic corrosion protection on steel and aluminum surfaces.

Innovative products for food packaging: FPG (Food Packaging Grade)

Printing inks for food packaging have to meet stringent requirements. ECKART’s corresponding portfolio is mineral oil-free and provides pastes and printing inks for all printing processes. These products are suitable for the indirect contact with food. They meet the regulatory requirements, such as the widely accepted standard of the Swiss Ordinance on Supplies and Requirements, and other industry standards, e.g. the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA). All food-grade products carry the affix FPG (Food Packaging Grade) added to their product name. The printing inks are manufactured in separate production facilities. This excludes a cross contamination with any other products. Thanks to their optical properties, the FPG products make an unrivalled range of esthetic effects in food and beverage packaging possible.

LUXAN K – transparency and pure colors

Unique color saturation and color purity as well as intensive luster are the optical properties of our new pearlescent pigment family for plastics, LUXAN K. In addition, the pigments are characterized by exceptional transparency, which makes them particularly suited to applications in transparent plastics and resins. Even at low doses, the glass-based LUXAN K pigments produce a fascinating sparkle, which upgrades cosmetic packaging for example. Moreover, due to their low migration properties, they can also be used for food packaging. Finally, LUXAN K adds brilliance to car interior, toys, household appliances and furnishings.

Picture Library

brillant silver and excellent flop
incomparable color intensity and saturation
METALURE® Quantum:
PVD pigments on a new level
highly brilliant chrome effects
even silver shade for powder coatings, high weather resistance
whitish silverdollar for powder coatings, strong hiding power
Powder Coating Bonding Free
electrical conductivity at attractive price-performance ratio
Food Packaging Grade:
inks and pastes for food packaging (non-DFC)
transparency and pure colors for plastics


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