Bold colors and stunning effects

ECKART shows effect pigment and trend color innovations at in-cosmetics in London

Hartenstein, March 28, 2017 – Stunning technical innovations and a wide range of new effects will give rise to a colorful season. At in-cosmetics, April 4-6, London, ECKART surprises visitors with a number of new interference, silver-metallic and holographic effect pigments. For demonstrating the multitude of design possibilities, the three color trends for autumn/winter 2018/19 will be presented. „Be yourself”, „Be crazy”, „Be brave” is the German pigment producer’s contribution to the emerging „dopamine dressing” trend.

VISIONAIRE Splendid Silver Sea

Designed to create particularly luxurious impressions, VISIONAIRE Splendid Silver Sea delivers superior effects compared to its predecessor, the well-established VISIONAIRE Silver Sea. Higher coverage, outstanding gloss plus brighter color add up to a unique silver metallic shade. The reengineered pigment, based on silica coated aluminum powder, is suited to applications like eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, wax pens and body powders.

SILVERDREAM Prismatic H-50720

The SILVERDREAM product line provides metallic effects for nail polishes in particular. At in-cosmetics, ECKART presents a product innovation adding outstanding polychromatic effects to the popular pigment family: SILVERDREAM Prismatic H-50720 employs proprietary embossed aluminum flakes to generate a soft metallic look with strong holographic rainbow effects.

SYNCRYSTAL Sparkling Gold and SYNCRYSTAL Sparkling Red

ECKART’s new SYNCRYSTAL Sparkling Gold and SYNCRYSTAL Sparkling Red pigments stand out thanks to their high purity in color and composition. They are designed to support the everlasting trend of ”pure cosmetics“.

Their strong color, high chroma and distinct sparkle effects, especially when exposed to sun- or spotlight, spice up formulations for lipsticks and lip glosses, liquid eye liners and eye shadows, as well as soaps, body lotions and nail polishes. SYNCRYSTAL Sparkling Gold and SYNCRYSTAL Sparkling Red are two new interference colors within our “Sparkling” series. They extend this product range of pigments based on synthetic mica.

Invigorating colors for autumn and winter 2018/19

Bold, independent, self-assured – that is what characterizes women today. ECKART celebrates this sovereign attitude with an impressive range of strong dynamic colors and exceptional effects. The motto for the autumn/winter season 2018/19 is invigorating: Be yourself! Be crazy! Be brave!
„Be yourself”
Everybody is unique – so be yourself, coz that is simply wonderful! That is what this trend is all about. The colors to underline the true self are a harmonious mélange of nude and powder shades plus a variety of warm red color tones.
„Be crazy”
Who wouldn’t like to leave the daily grind every once in a while? With its stunning effects, this trend supplies the perfect scheme for an adventure into the truly unpredictable. Colors are metallic and range from different variations of blue to magenta and berry plus silver.
„Be brave”
There is a flipside to everything and that is why even independent minds sometimes experience a little melancholia during the dark season. Based on shades of warm purple, this color scheme boosts confidence and lifts the spirit thanks to the added green and orange, both unusual for winter trends.

SYNCRYSTAL Sparkling Gold     
SYNCRYSTAL Sparkling Red
"Be yourself"
"Be crazy" "Be brave"


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