July 31, 2017

Top in Brilliance: ECKART Effect Pigments for Labels and Packaging

Hartenstein, 17/07/2017 – With the slogan “Taking your labels to the top”, ECKART presents the latest of its metallic and pearlescent pigment and ink portfolio for the printing of labels and packaging at the Labelexpo Europe 2017 in Brussels Expo / Belgium (September 25 – 28, 2017, Booth # 7-A-39).

TOPSTAR 06 3000 Brilliant Silver
The leafing, one-component printing ink TOPSTAR 06 3000 Brilliant Silver represents the most brilliant ink alternative to foil stamping and metallized substrates. The conventional, mineral oil-based ink was developed on the basis of PVD pigments. The result is a highly brilliant, mirror-like appearance. Despite the leafing characteristics of the product, it is possible to create imitation gold or various multicolor effects by overprinting and tinting. TOPSTAR 06 3000 Brilliant Silver is wax and cobalt free. The ink is suitable for all offset machines.

ECKART showcases its ULTRASTAR UV curable metallic ink system based on METALURE® pigments for flexo printing on paper and films: the ULTRASTAR UV FP-8230. It offers an outstanding metallic gloss and foil-like brilliance in combination with good overlacquer abilities and trapping. ULTRASTAR UV inks are suitable to be overprinted in-line. This product is one step closer to rivaling the brilliance of foil stamping while providing superior printability and potential economic savings.

PLATINSTAR flexo and gravure inks with their mirror-like effect lend labels and packaging an elegant touch. These so-called “Platindollar” aluminium pigments are seen between METALURE® mirror-like effects and the brilliant “Silverdollar” pigments, respectively between ULTRASTAR and ROTOSTAR printing effects.

For flexo printed shrink sleeve applications, the UV curable metallic ink system ROTOSTAR UV SHRINK FX 68 Series, also available in gold shades, offers a brilliant metallic effect without losing film integrity during high percentage shrinkage. Further advantages are a fast cure rate and a high rub resistance. It will print on PETG and PVC films.

ECKART’s digital drop on demand metallic product portfolio includes UV and solvent based inks for narrow web labels, flat bed and wide format printers. JETFLUID Digital Metallic inks provide the very special metallic shine and individual designs for digital UV and solvent based printing applications.

Pearlescent shine with LUXAN and SYMIC synthetic mica
The pearlescent pigments from our product categories LUXAN and SYMIC boast outstanding sparkle effects. Both impress with their transparency and pure color shades when compared to conventional pearlescent pigments. Pearlescent pigments can highlight prints in many applications: screen, tower coater and gravure.

Innovative products for food packaging: FPG (Food Packaging Grade)
Printing inks for food packaging have to meet stringent requirements. ECKART’s corresponding portfolio is mineral oil-free and provides pastes and printing inks for all printing processes. These products are suitable for the indirect contact with food. They meet the regulatory requirements, such as the widely accepted standard of the Swiss Ordinance on Supplies and Requirements, and other industry standards, e.g. the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA). All food-grade products carry the affix FPG (Food Packaging Grade) added to their product name. The printing inks are manufactured in separate production facilities. This excludes a cross contamination with any other products. Thanks to their optical properties, the FPG products make an unrivalled range of esthetic effects in food and beverage packaging possible.

illoom by ECKART – Boosting Design with Metallic Effects
ECKART will also be presenting illoom, the popular product and service portfolio for designers. illoom offers designers the chance to bring creations to a new level with the use of metallic effects. From simple sketches to dummy packaging, illoom can enhance designs at any stage, providing the best possible simulation of printed metallic inks. illoom is the must-have tool for any designer or agency that want their designs to stand out from the competition.

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TOPSTAR 06 3000 Brilliant Silver ULTRASTAR UV FP-8230 PLATINSTAR
SYMIC Food Packaging Grade illoom


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