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Metallic Ink for Shrink Sleeves

Metallic ink for shrink sleeves enhances designs and packaging with shine and brilliance.

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Shrink sleeves have become indispensable in the packaging industry and continue to have a dynamic growth potential due to their versatility and the enormous increase in technical possibilities for decoration.

In addition to the almost endless possibilities of design, shrink sleeves have also opened up new possibilities in terms of color and effects.

The development of high-quality metallic and mirror-effect inks for this type of label opens up new possibilities for further enhancing the attractiveness of products wrapped in this way and conveying the brand image with metallic gloss.

ECKART as a leading manufacturer of effect pigments and metallic printing inks is a pioneer in the development of solvent-based and radiation-curing inks for the high-quality decoration of shrink sleeves with gold and silver effects. In addition, creative color spectra can also be created by coloring these effect pigments and significantly increase consumer perception.

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W​​​​​​​ith the development of PLATINSTAR inks, mirror effects for a broad technological applicability could be achieved for the first time, by a largely uniform orientation of the pigment particles during the shrinking process. ​​​​​​​

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ULTRASTAR inks are developed to set special highlights such as frames, lines or protruding fonts on the labels to create designs with outstanding mirror effect.

ROTOSTAR are metallic printing inks that can be used in large graphic areas and allow easy tinting for polychromatic effects such as a shimmering gold tone or the cool technical look of a bluish steel effect.

In the field of radiation-curing inks, ECKART has distinguished itself as a specialist for stable, highly brilliant single-component inks - for gold and silver. The technically superior properties of ROTOSTAR UV could also be transferred for the demanding application of flexographic UV-curable inks for shrink sleeves.

Learn more about the options of brilliant metallic printing for your individual application.

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