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Metallic Inks for Flexo Printing

Metallic inks for Flexo printing utilizes a flexible relief plate and is for printing on almost any type of substrate, including plastic, metallic films, cellophane, and paper.

Metallic Inks for Flexo Printing Header Image
Metallic Inks for Flexo Printing by ECKART

Flexo printing inks and pigments by ECKART are the rising star of printing technologies. They offer the greatest variety of substrates and applications. It is also the perfect bridge between different printing technologies to break barriers and generate effective alternatives.

What type of Products (Prints) are made using Flexo Printing Methods?

Flexo printing gives flexibility to brands. The cost of a flexo plate is reasonable and design changes are less when compared to rotogravure cylinders. Flexo IS used in printing the following:

  • Flexible packaging on paper
  • Flexible packaging on film
  • Corrugated board
  • Tissue
  • Shrink applications

How do ECKART Inks enhance Flexo Products?

Metallic Inks for Flexo Printing Image 2
Metallic Inks for Flexo Printing by ECKART.

Brilliant metallic effects are key for products to stand out from the masses. The product projects higher quality and therefore a greater value. This can be observed in wine boxes. There is an immediate difference in allure between cartons made of corrugated board printed with black-only, versus those printed in Gold or Silver.

ECKART Flexo Products

ECKART offers Metallic and Pearlescent Pigments for every system. The pigments are available in Powder form, with some even being offered as ready to use inks.

  • Solvent Based
  • Water Based
  • UV Curing

The Flexo Printing Process.

The flexo ink is filled into an ink unit. Ink is transferred to a cylinder called an anilox. The anilox has engraved cells with defined volume. A blade next to the anilox clears the anilox from ink. This ensures that only the defined cell volume is transferred onto the rubber plate.

The rubber plate carry’s the print design and transfers the ink to the substrate.

How do ECKART inks fit into the process?

ECKART inks are designed to meet the demands of the flexo process. We formulate inks to print fine details with excellent hiding power. Our inks combine high brilliant effects and coverage.  ECKART inks are process stable and perform very well in high printing speeds.

How are ECKART Inks for Flexo superior to alternative technologies?

ECKART Metallic Inks for Flexo printing offer metallic look and appeal without the expenses associated with metallized paper and foil stamping. Metallic Inks offer the desired brilliance, while not compromising on cost and sustainability.

How does ECKART offer technical support and service for selecting inks and pigments?

Our technical support team takes care about your individual request. We will find the best effect for your needs and give recommendations on how to use our metallic inks or pastes. As we have printing press in-house for our scale up trials – we can share our knowledge of which equipment (e. g. anilox) is best suitable. The press can be booked for your individual press trials on your substrate.

Our customer service team will take care of your orders and provide all data sheets necessary. They liaise you with your responsible sales or technical service manager.