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ECKART Metallic Effects for the Printing Industry

ECKART is a German based market leader in the domain of metallic effects for the printing industry. We also produce glass and pearl effects with the support of our global distribution network. ECKART products are fixed companions in the printing industry for packaging premiumization and brand identification.

Metallic Effect for the printng industry, package examples
ECKART Metallic Effects for the Printing Industry

ECKART´s leading position is the support of base pigments to ink makers. We are experts in chemical modification to make pigments applicable in UV/LED-curing- and water borne inks.

We produce metallic inks as a service for ink manufacturers in this important niche. Worldwide, metallic inks are produced by ECKART. ECKART provides solutions for premium appearance in printing segments:

Metallic Effect for the printng industry, print examples

ECKART provides solutions for all printing technologies:
    • Offset
    • Gravure
    • Flexographic printing
    • Screen printing
    • Digital

In all chemistries:
    • UV/LED
    • Solvent borne
    • Water borne
    • Oil based

ECKART follows accurate all regulatory requirements from governments [country listings] as well as market specific regulations [e.g. indirect food contact, tobacco]. We focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Metallic inks show a large color space from silky smooth, whitish brilliance to high gloss prints, depending on substrate and printing technology.

Standard pigment, such as cornflakes provide a silky and smooth like finish.

Premium pigments, like ECKART's Brand of Vacuum Metallized Pigments named METALURE®, provide high gloss and high reflection.

In between effect pigments are Silverdollars or Platinumdollars.

Metallic Effect for the printng industry, pigment examples
The Mirror effect depending on the selected ECKART pigment on different substrates (gravure printed. Left board/paper, right film).

Compared to metallic alternatives, metallic inks have a lot of advantages for design, printing and application: 

    • ​​​​​​​Speed - High speed printing; >160 m/min or up to 15.000 sheets per hour
    • Metallic area - Print on the spot, save resources, control cost
    • CMYK inks - Use standard opacity inks to save cost
    • Waste avoidance - Just ink, no further waste creation
    • Color room - Silky smooth to mirror silver effects; easy to tint
    • Machines - Use standard printing machine
    • De-inkability - Comparable to standard inks; good to fair
    • Logistics - Fast shipping

Even though Eckart is mainly an effect pigment producer, an offset and a flexo/gravure printing machine is available at Eckart to test new pigment and ink developments to achieve highest standards. 

Metallic Effect for the printng industry, eckart printing machines in labratory
Printing Machines from ECKART Labs.