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Brilliance in offset products?

Metallic inks for tower coating units ensures the brilliance of an offset print product similar to a metallized cardboard.

Metallic Ink for Tower Coating Unit Header Salad Seasoning

ECKART offers premium metallic ink solutions for ink makers.

Our UV silver ink ULTRASTAR UV FPG 78240 is brilliant and offers shelf appeal for prints that require indirect food contact (based on European regulations).

For print jobs that do not require European indirect food standards ULTRASTAR UV FP 8220 shows same press performance.

Additionally, it is easy to print, when the press includes a coater unit at the frontside or two at the end of the offset press.

Metallic products for coater units are handled like an overprint varnish.

Formulated by ECKART with metallic pigment pastes, they are stabilized for UV curing.

This combination achieves higher luster when compared to conventional PANTONE® 877 offset inks.

Metallic Ink for Tower Coating Unit Printing Machine

Recommended Products:

The recommended metallic printing inks from ECKART are suitable for UV curing.

ECKART’s expertise in the graphic arts industry select pigments by shape and particle size to provide the best metallic effects in paste form.

Additionally, we offer ready-for-print formulated metallic inks, ideal for ink manufacturers.

Metallic Ink for Tower Coating Unit PVD
Metallic Ink for Tower Coating Unit Cornflake

PVD pigments (METALURE®) provide the highest reflection of light due to a smooth and even surface. ULTRASTAR UV FPG 78240 and ULTRASTAR UV FP 8220 silver are formulated with such a pigment.

Cornflake pigments are thicker with jagged edges. The light scatters and gives standard effects.

ULTRASTAR UV FPG 78240 Silver and ULTRASTAR UV FP 8220 are readymade inks with an approx. printing viscosity of 60s DIN 4 cup.

The ink characteristics are: Excellent over printability, smooth lay down with high luster effect, formulated to meet low migration standards and similar to metallized board effects.

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