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Title Date Location
Color Concept Cosmetics: African Beats 02/07/2020 Louisville, KY
Metallic Pigment Pre-Dispersion 02/07/2020 Louisville, KY
Atomized Aluminum Granules 12/18/2019 Louisville, KY
Aluminum Powder 11/22/2019 Güntersthal, DE
Vacuum Metallized Pigments Update 11/21/2019 Güntersthal, DE
Metallic Textile Pigments 11/20/2019 Güntersthal, DE
Food Packaging Ink 11/14/2019 Güntersthal, DE
Metallic Ink Pigment Guide 9/06/2019 Güntersthal, DE
Water Based Aluminum Paste 8/29/2019 Güntersthal, DE
Aluminum Paste 7/15/2019 Güntersthal, DE
De-Dusted Pigment Preparations for Plastics 7/12/2019 Güntersthal, DE
Pigments for Dry Blend Powder Coatings 7/01/2019 Güntersthal, DE
Aluminum Pigments 6/25/2019 Louisville, KY
Stainless Steel Pigment 5/10/2019 Louisville, KY
Automotive Pigment Update 4/01/2019 Louisville, KY
Vacuum Metalized Pigments 04/01/2019 Louisville, KY
INFOFLEX 04/01/2019 Louisville, KY
Pearlescent Pigment - An Introduction 2/01/2019 Louisville, KY
SSPC 2019 - Coatings+ 2/01/2019 Louisville, KY
Water Based Automotive Coatings 2/01/2019 Louisville, KY
Bonded Powder Coating 2/01/2019 Louisville, KY
Rotogravure Printing Ink 2/01/2019 Louisville, KY
Metallic Effect Pigment 2/01/2019 Louisville, KY