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„We continuously analyse the industry-specific colour trends in the field of paint applications. This results in new, forward-looking ECKART pigment formulations.”


Global Head of Industrial Coatings

"Virtual Bonding" – Socially Distanced, yet Emotionally Close

The era of home-office and teleconferencing has shown the upside of connectedness. It has also helped to appreciate introspection, which is the theme of our trend “Virtual Bonding”. The six intriguing shades, ranging from grey and light green to dark anthracite and silver, are characterized by subtle low-key effects. Structured surfaces and matt shine create a dreamlike quality.

COLOURS: Shimmery Coal, Structured Jade, Stone Surprises, Heavenly Grey, Smizing Silver, Striking Silver

"Living Space" – Hommage to resilience

With future proofing as one the most exciting industrial challenges these days, the focus now rests on resilience. Our trend "Living Space" pays homage to a spirit that honors the beauty of nature untouched and its stunning powers. Consequently, the trend is dominated by earthy, somewhat dusty shades. Smoky grey and muddy brown complement blue, green, and stone. However, when exposed to bright light, the colours overwhelm with their unexpected sparkle.

COLOURS: Magic Chestnut, Smoky Oak, Dusted Stone, Mysterious Forest, Coarse Blue, Black Truffle

„Unlimited Expression“ – Revolt, so colourful and so inspiring

Teenage revolt does inspire, as the worldwide Fridays for Future movement demonstrates! Our trend "Unlimited Expression" conveys that new and very different sense of future. It revels in strong bold colours with an equally strong matting effect. Enjoy that uncompromising purple and that arresting blue, the striking gold and those eye-catching greens – they are our campaign for a wonderful tomorrow.

COLOURS: Uncompromising Gold, Radiant Moss, Sanguine Coral, Cosmic Blue, Determined Purple, Shiny Apple

"Breathing Active" – A novel look at future technologies

The global desire for a sustainable lifestyle has many facets. Our trend "Breathing Active" draws on the promises the emission- and smogfree e-mobility provides. Combining matt with unexpected and highly reflective effects in an utterly novel manner, colours include a "Connected Silver" as well as "E-Motion Blue" and "Twinkling Purple".

COLOURS: Connected Silver, Sustainable Silver, Glittery Slate, E-Motion Blue, Twinkling Purple, Midnight Blue

"Redesigned" – Statement for a better world

Recycling and upcycling enjoy great popularity worldwide, as they offer pragmatic solutions to extremely complex questions. To celebrate this hands-on attitude to bettering the world, we thought up "Redesigned", a selection of pastel colours with stunning effects. Their matt and chalky finish underlines the positive statement that goes with the bright green, yellow, gold and silver shades.

COLOURS: Evolution Silver, Rainbow Silver, Silver Drops, Succulent’s Green, Spring Green, Vintage Gold

"Believe in Yourself" – A celebration of authenticity

In Sweden, they call it "lagom" – the term denotes an attitude which ensures that the proper balance can be determined individually. To celebrate this concept of authentic lifestyles, we created our trend "Believe in Yourself". With its soft, warm and glossy shades it is an invitation to pause for a moment, to relax and to reflect. Colours include matt rose, soft terracotta, silver, and goldish greens.

COLOURS: Sparkling Graphite, Shiny Olive, Silver Leafs, Gleaming Terracotta, Shimmery Rose, Pale Gold

"Joy of Living" – The Power of Immediate Experience

With “Joy of Living”, we celebrate the strong, shining colors of nature and the powerful experience of immediacy they provide. The six uncompromising shades are based on the complementary colors red, blue and yellow. Each shade is designed to deliver a bold esthetic statement brimming with emotional purity. Thanks to their brilliant shine, wowing is more than a side effect.

COLOURS: Ocean’s Delight, Unmistakably Herbaceous, Brilliant Magenta, Crystal Vermillion, Orange Jasper, Sun Ray

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