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Fields – Naturalness, sustainability, basis

200 million rice farmers in Asia produce 90 percent of the world wide demand. Rice provides the majority of the daily caloric requirements there and supplies important minerals. “FIELDS” presents a colour range with subtle shades such as Almond and Soft Apricot; brown and metallic bronze complement the palette. Sustainable products are already established in the food industry. And now fashion is providing information about the product history. Neutral shades like white, beige, grey shades, and earthy browns strongly dominate the product fields. This fundamental requirement

presents itself in ever new nuances. In culinary terms, rice is the basis for Asian and, to a certain extent, Arab cuisine. You eat with your eyes first – in all of these cultures, the understated white of rice forms the background for contrasting dashes of colour that the Asian cook skilfully combines in the kitchen and serves up on the plate. In the kitchen, this applies: white, that’s the rice. Here are some interesting details on this subject: Rice is a basic food for 3.5 billion people – around half of the world’s population! The world rice acreage is around 161 million hectares.

ECKART has also approached the environmental challenges of the future. With innovative effect pigments, the technology of mass coloring succeeds in saving resources and, thus, in protecting the environment. In doing so, we help our customers produce in a low-emission or energy-efficient way and increase the safety of their products. The colour shades of “Fields” are based on the effect pigments of our product series SYMIC, LUXAN, PLATALUX E, EDELSTEIN and MASTERSAFE.

Markets - Variety, temperament, opulence

We need colours in our environment. Particularly, strong shades stimulate our vital energy. A walk around a farmer’s market reveals rich colour variety: Mediterranean vegetables are veritable fireworks of colour. It’s interesting that one of the most eye-catching colours in nature – the aubergine – is not correspondingly heavy in taste at all. The intensive, deep-purple aubergine has a light, nutty flesh. In interior design, the seriousness and heaviness of aubergine pairs well with lighter shades, such as the playful-harmless pink of a watermelon, or the bubbly, lively cheery colour of oranges.

In the second trend theme, "MARKETS", the palette also offers the elegant grey shade Tin Plate as a combination partner for stronger colours.

The product designers use the marketplace as inspiration. They skillfully design color combinations by using metal and glitter effects.

The colour shades of "MARKETS" are based on the effect pigments of our product series SYMIC, MASTERSAFE, EDELSTEIN, PLATALUX and LUXAN.

Gardens – Power, freshness, vitality

Imagine you go into the garden and pick a lemon. Look closely at it, see the uneven surface, notice the nearly blinding yellow, maybe some slight green at both ends. The weight of the fruit lies in your hand. Now imagine that you cut the juicy fruit with one fast, determined slice. Juice inevitably drips out; the scent of the fresh juice rises right to your nose. Look at the juicy segments and the lighter colour of the flesh,

take in that unmistakable, tangy-citrus aroma, which you can now almost taste. And now: take a hearty bite of that juicy lemon! How did your salivary glands respond? Exactly. That is the power and freshness of yellow.

But there’s even more in our theme "GARDENS": Fashion designers have also been in the garden and have picked some crisp snap peas for their new collection. Acai berries, the new superfood, provide fresh impulses with their elegant blue.

Designers use the colours of the harvest and combine them with metallic shades and transparent glitter effects.

The colour shades of "GARDENS" are based on the effect pigments of our product series LUXAN, SYMIC and MASTERSAFE.

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More about Color Road Trend colors

Trend research

World-class effect pigments are the trademark of ECKART. In addition to gloss and effect, we are also enthusiastic about the colours of each season that will be popular in the future. In order to know what will be trend, we work together with the trend colour experts from Renolit.

Color Road

The trend service Colour Road is based on observations of global trends and in coordination with trend institutes by Renolit. The seasonal trend colour preview forms the basis for the trend colours with effect and brilliance presented by us.