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„Scents guide purchasing decisions. They awaken memories and create positive associations. Our COLOUR ROAD 2021 combines these emotions with colours”

Wolfgang Trenz

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How the sense of smell takes decisions

Temptation: Pure Fragrances, Attraction, Extravagance

Wild rose, lavender, lemon and orange: every visual impression is directly linked to its own, specific scent.

In nature as well as our inner selves, scents awaken certain messages and retrieve certain experiences. The elegance of Wild Rose imparts a sense of nobility through a fine balance of confident grandeur and soft warmth caressing the skin.

In Goethe’s day, love letters would be presented along with rose petals, the deckle-edge paper doused in perfume. The aim was to win the favour of the recipient, and to influence the response in the desired direction. With its messenger substances, nature knows that scents convey more than words – and the perfume industry knows it too, generating global turnover of some $41 billion annually through their seductive overtones.

By way of contrast, lavender is a gentle invitation to unwind in peace – a colour and a scent that not only relaxes us, but offers specific benefits as a medicinal plant.

On the fringes of our lives and experiences, we are bombarded by different temptations every day – and these are reflected in our ‘TEMPTATION’ trend range

Fall under the spell of LEMON, GERBERA, LAVENDER and WILD ROSE.

Esteem – complex scents – conscious consumption

Given that love and admiration are highly complicated sentiments, our ‘APPRECIATION’ trend spectrum associates complex scents with uncommon shades: after all, a good Bordeaux contains as many as 400 aromas, while every coffee bean has 800-plus aromas.

Appreciation of both products is the expression of a global yet authentic lifestyle, representing tasteful refinement coupled with attention to crafted detail and the passion of the experienced producer. These days we are much more aware in deciding what we consume, and how we consume it; mass consumption no longer meets our expectations.

Beans are roasted in small batches by a small roasting house around the corner, using a drum roaster for a traditional, low-temperature roasting process; only a slow roasting time releases the full complexity of flavours and ensures coffee is digestible. By the end of the roasting process, it is the colour of the roasted beans and the fragrance that play the most important role.

In keeping with the times, we interpret and reflect this shift in awareness as regarded appreciation and sustainability in our essentially neutral colour schemes of BRONZE, ALMOND, CUBANIT and BORDEAUX.

Vitalization – mindfulness – olfactory experiences​​​​​

“The sea is not a landscape, it is the experience of eternity.”(Thomas Mann) These words reflect the yearning of modern-day people for authenticity and sensory experiences. We need freshness, vastness and stimulation, for only by breathing deeply can we truly relax.

By the same token, we define consumption in its proper context: humanity is currently devouring natural resources 1.7 times faster than the planet’s ecosystem can replenish them (calculated by the Global Foodprint Network). We have no choice but to rethink and take action.

Strolling along the seafront, we feel ourselves slow down as our perceptions expand. The raucous calls of seagulls, the serenity of the boundless ocean, the bracing breeze and the salty taste of the sea air: we breathe deeply in a world of blue.

Naturally complementing this picture is the fresh green of the Swiss pine, its scent energising and clearing the mind.

The scent and colour of lemon grass – an evergreen spice plant and medicinal herb from Asia – promotes health and lightens the mood.

Create new designs featuring the shades OCEAN BREEZE, ACAI BREEZE, LEMONGRASS and PINE GREEN.

For a fast glance.

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„Keep your nose open“

Beate Nagel, a renowned perfumer, advises this. She creates her own fragrances for car brands and explains to us in an interview how fragrances can be expressed in colours.

How scents look like

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