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„Colours evoke memories of feelings. Our new trend colour theme "In touch with colours" tickles our anticipation, yes, anticipation, of touch.”

Wolfgang Trenz

Technical Service Plastics

Trend concept ELEMENTS

Natural forces – Liberation – Surface plays

In our first trend theme ELEMENTS, the name itself opens up an almost limitless horizon of experience. It embraces vastness and freshness in equal measure, evoking the natural elements of wind, water and sea.

The trend colour OCEAN BREEZE takes us to the coast. Who can resist the the seemingly endless interplay of the waves in the wind?

The darker blue of ACAI BERRY complements this inner experience with the mysterious power of eternal glacier ice. The bizarre sight of the solidified ice masses with their mirror-smooth surfaces captivates us.

We feel a strong need for naturalness, purity and tranquillity, which is also expressed in our yellow shade LEMONGRASS.

LICHEN GREEN rounds off the experience. Soft mosses and lichens populate the grey rock and give us a sense of pause, of timeless liberation.

Trend concept FUNDAMENTAL

Resistance – Certainty – Haptics

Minerals, sand, shale and feldspar created the fertile habitat we call farmland. They literally represent the soil on which we stand. With FUNDAMENTAL, we remember our foundations and revive the enduring, the grounded, the earthy, the element that sustains us and in which we can confidently entrust ourselves.

The corresponding colour palette includes the most important basic shades for the coming season: the dark MINERAL GREY and the timeless CUBANIT GREY. These dark neutrals are joined by the warm SAND GRAIN and the off-white of RAW COTTON, which can be admired in the vast cotton fields of America.

The visual impression of these surfaces is unmistakably coupled with their haptic experience.

We invite you to experience the structures in all their fullness - from hard to grainy to soft as cotton wool, in other words: FUNDAMENTAL!

Trend concept STATEMENT

Sensitivity – Being touched - Convictions

"Everything you want is already inside you" - one of the greatest miracles of nature, the ingenious blueprint of our body, helps us to trace exactly this inner experience at every moment. Receptors are built into every single square centimetre of our skin, constantly informing us about ourselves and our environment.

We need a good sense of touch - and this in a double sense: different various tactile receptors on our fingers convert the tactile stimuli into information that is passed on to the brain as a tactile sensation and linked to existing memory content. Against this background, our colour and experience field STATEMENT contains the quality we called "TOUCH!", knowing full well that touch and inner soul sensation are closely interwoven.

This warming skin tone connects and touches us. The soft brown shade "HANDS ON!" symbolises the new appreciation of craftsmanship and is understood as an invitation to one's own creativity.

"FEEL ALIVE!" is a call for joie de vivre and new perspectives. The classic "LACQUER RED!" completes the sensual invitation.

COLOUR ROAD 2022 at a glance

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More about Color Road Trend colors

Trend research

World-class effect pigments are the trademark of ECKART. In addition to gloss and effect, we are also enthusiastic about the colours of each season that will be popular in the future. In order to know what will be trend, we work together with the trend colour experts from Renolit.

Color Road

The trend service Colour Road is based on observations of global trends and in coordination with trend institutes by Renolit. The seasonal trend colour preview forms the basis for the trend colours with effect and brilliance presented by us.