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Metallic Textile Pigments – Aesthetics and Performance

Metallic Textile Pigments can provide aesthetic and performance value. Applications for these pigments include stainless steel for abrasion resistance to aluminum for heat reflection.

Metallic Textile Pigments by ECKART
Metallic Textile Pigments by ECKART

Smart Textile Pigment – From Optical Effects to Functionality

ECKART effect pigments are used for the creation of appealing surfaces. They produce outstanding effects on automobiles, home appliances, consumer electronic, cosmetic articles and many more.


For textiles, ECKART effect pigments contribute unique and special features. On top of the wide range of standard products for decorative effects, the ECKART portfolio offers innovative products for special requirements including:

  • Effect aluminum pigments fulfil all the requirements for brilliant textile applications
  • Coated copper- and gold bronze pigments for improved washing resistance in home washes
  • Effect pigments for logos and letterings by means of laser technology.

Beyond solely optical applications, ECKART effect pigments are used for functional properties in Technical and Smart Textiles.

Conductivity & Heating

Seat heating of modern automobiles or heat-controllable garments are typical examples for Technical Textiles in which ECKART’s conductive pigments can be applied in various coatings systems.


EMI Shielding

It is possible to generate conductive layers for EMI shielding, e.g. against mobile phone radiation.


Heat Reflection and UV-Protection

Similar to the thermos flask principle, metal effect pigments reflect warmth back to the inside. This property is used for blinds and membranes used in construction so that the inside temperature is kept at a constant level and the energy consumption can therefore be reduced. Inversely, these pigments are also used to keep heat outside. Beyond that, the pigments provide protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation by reducing the transmittance of the textile for UV-radiation. In addition to heat-reflectivity and radiation protection newly-developed products open up a multitude of color shades to designers.


Wear Resistance

Sportswear, work clothes and gloves or seat covers require high abrasion resistance. Selected high performance effect pigments meet those high requirements. They withstand high mechanical abrasion stress and in addition are extremely washing- and chemical resistant.


Barrier Layer

Special, after-treated pigments are perfectly suited for fabrics that must be protected against cold, heat or any other weather- and environmental influences. The flake shaped pigments provide a barrier layer against moisture and various other chemical substances. Typical applications include truck tarpaulins or vehicle dashboards, where barriers against migration of plasticizers must be provided.


All above-mentioned ECKART effect pigments can be applied by printing or coating