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Pigments for Dry Blend Powder Coating - STANDART® PCBF (Powder Coating Bonding Free)

STANDART® PCBF is a new generation of non-leafing aluminum pigment for dry blend powder coating.


PCBF stands for Powder Coating Bonding Free. The particles are encapsulated with silicon dioxide units in a special sol-gel process and a durable surface coating which consists of thermosetting resin molecules. This preparation contains less than 50% silica-encapsulated aluminum pigment and more than 50 % carboxylated super durable polyester with an acid value of 25.

This new pigment encapsulation concept (patent applied) creates unique metallic effects for powder coatings.

The application properties of the coatings which contain a PCBF pigment and which were manufactured by Dry-Blend method are comparable with bonded powder coatings.

A Close Up of Pigments for Dry Blend Powder Coating
A Close Up of Pigments for Dry Blend Powder Coating


  • The super durable polyester resin that is used for encapsulation is highly compatible with common powder coating systems
  • Due to its thick resin coating the .pigment behaves like a powder coating particle. This leads to excellent workability and application performance with reduced tendency for “cloudiness.”

Pigments for Dry Blend Powder Coating side-by-side
Left: Conventional Pigment in a dry blend. Right: STANDART® PCBF in a dry blend.

  • Even processing by dry blend method allows very high pigment loadings up to 20%. This is may be needed in case liquid coatings have to be color matched
  • Excellent chemical and weather stability due to silica and binder coating allows also the usage in architectural applications
  • As the pigment is very well embedded in the powder matrix the sparkle effect shows more depth and is more intense compared to bonded or dry blended metallic powders. Optical performance is closer to the one of liquid coatings
  • Improved recycle ability of reclaimed powder

Pigments for Dry Blend Powder Coating
Pigments for Dry Blend Powder Coating

STANDART® PCBF- For whom is it of interest

  • You do not have bonding equipment.
  • You are facing issues with chemical resistance after bonding process.
  • You need to produce small bonding batches that block your equipment and eat up capacity.
  • You need to realize high pigment loadings.
  • You are fazing application issues on the spray line (e.g. spitting, gun tip built up, cloudy surface etc.)
  • You need to match sparkling liquid coating effects.

If one or more criteria are fulfilled you should consider giving PCBF an opportunity to solve your problems.

STRANDART® PCBF- Product portfolio

The current product portfolio offers two grades based on silver dollar pigments.

  • STANDART® PCBF 3500 (D50 approx. 34µm)
  • STANDART® PCBF 5000 (D50 approx. 50µm)

These two particle sizes reflect also the most important once for architectural coatings. A finer version is expected to launch soon, just stay tuned!