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Stainless Steel Flake Pigment
Stainless Steel Flake Pigment

Stay/Steel® - Stainless Steel Flake Pigments

Stainless steel flake pigments are the result milling stainless steel to form a uniform particle size. Adding these powdered particles to a coating systems to resist corrosion and ultraviolet attack.

STAY/STEEL® – What is it?

Stainless Steel flake pigments have been used commercially in protective coating formulations for metal substrates since the early ‘50’s. Their use is now well established in industrial maintenance and specialty coatings and continues to increase. STAY/STEEL pigments incorporated in a variety of high solids solvent based and water based systems improve the performance of conventional protective coatings.

Stainless Steel Flake Pigments
Stainless Steel Flake Pigments

STAY/STEEL, a stainless steel flake pigment, products are pigments produced on ball mills. The products consist of AISI 316L alloy, which are milled to a uniform particle size. STAY/STEEL stainless steel pigments act in two ways, chemically and mechanically.

Chemically, STAY/STEEL pigments resist corrosion and ultraviolet attack. Mechanically, they are strong, hard and highly abrasion resistant. STAY/STEEL stainless steel pigments are non-leafing which permits the flakes to build up a multi-layer structure tightly bonded to the substrate.

STAY/STEEL® – Features

Corrosion Resistance:

  • Resistant to corrosive conditions due to the high performance of the pigment
  • Resistant from staining, tarnishing, oxidation and chemical attack

Resistance to UV Degradation:

  • Excellent outdoor stability
  • High specific gravity, forming a multi-layer structure throughout the film preventing UV rays to penetrate

Moisture Resistance:

  • Cost effective solution to make metallic powder coatings, offering good moisture resistance

Abrasion Resistance:

  • Hard, durable and abrasive resistance
  • This gives the pigment an advantage in industrial flooring applications where mechanical abrasion is a problem

High Temperature Resistance:

  • STAY/STEEL pigments have high thermal conductivity and can dissipate heat effectively
  • This prevents temperature build up in the coating layer.

Chemical Resistance:

  • STAY/STEEL pigments are an alloy of iron, nickel and chromium
  • They are inert to chemical attack, enhancing the pigments chemical resistance
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis and chemicals – superior to other commonly used primer pigments
  • No chemical encapsulation needed due to the inherent stability, which offers an advantage over
  • aluminum pigments

What's new with the Stainless Steel Pigment Line?

Recently, newly developed ultra “LOW NICKEL” STAY/STEEL flake pigments have been introduced to the market due to demands from a regulatory standpoint, with the nickel being less than 0.1%. These low nickel pigments complete the STAY/STEEL product portfolio and offer similar functional properties to the standard STAY/STEEL pigments but have a slightly different optical effect, having a “bluer” shade compared to the standard.

What are the application areas?

STAY/STEEL pigments offer a high level of functional properties and are recommended for the following applications:

  • In water and solvent based systems – STAY/STEEL is compatible with all solvents
  • As a prime pigment for a good hiding power
  •  In combinations with other pigments e.g. aluminum
  • For protective paints
  •  For decorative coatings
  •  For interior and exterior coatings

What is the supply form?

STAY/STEEL pigments are supplied in “dry form/ pigment”, allowing the formulator the flexibility to formulate coatings in their own solvent/ binder technology. Standard packaging size is 25Kg (EU) and 55Lbs (USA).

What about processing of STAY/STEEL?

The processing of STAY/STEEL is similar to other aluminum pigment dispersions for solvent based and water based coatings.  They are typically added to the finished paint or ink while stirring constantly. However, compared to conventional aluminum pigments, STAY/STEEL pigments show significant improvement in shear stability.

What is the shelf life of a typical STAY/STEEL pigment?

For STAY/STEEL pigments, the total shelf life is 24 months.