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vacuum metalized pigments
Vacuum Metalized Pigments

Vacuum Metalized Pigments – METALURE

METALURE® – What is it?

METALURE® products are Vacuum Metalized Pigments (VMP) which are extremely thin aluminum flakes produced in a special process (also known as Physical Vapor Deposition) and are free of lubricants. Therefore these pigments have a uniform, smooth surface with perfect non-leafing properties resulting in an optical micro-mirror-like effect. This effect cannot be achieved by conventional metal effect pigments such as cornflakes or silver dollars.

All grades of METALURE® are ultra-brilliant aluminum pigment dispersions designed to create the highest level of reflectance in solvent borne coatings and inks, covering the complete range of effects: ultra-dark to light color shades, soft to intensive chrome-like effects, brilliant to highly-brilliant.

What’s new with the METALURE® pigment line?

Introduced in 2018, the METALURE® Quantum series is the next generation of vacuum metalized pigments metallic pigments in the METALURE® product line. These products take the METALURE® line to the next level with:

  • Premium gloss up to 50% higher versus comparable products (both 20° and 60° angles)
  • Less haze due to very low scattering for even more brilliant chrome-like effects
  •  Lowest sieve residue
  • Optimized particle size distribution
  •  Improved inter-coat adhesion on all substrates

The METALURE® Quantum series is designed to provide customers with the highest quality VMP product in order to replace the chrome electroplating process and improve end-use quality performance by reducing defects during spray application.  This product series is also ideally suited for mirror effects in all kinds of printing applications.

What are the application areas?

All METALURE® pigment dispersions are suitable for applications where an elegant and sophisticated look is desired, such as automotive coatings (e.g. wheel rims as well as interior and exterior plastic trim parts), industrial coatings (e.g. mobile phones), graphic arts applications (e.g. packaging labels), and cosmetics (nail polish).

What is the supply form?

METALURE® pigment dispersions are supplied as pigment dispersions in different solvents. Usually the pigment content is 10%.

What about processing of METALURE®?

The processing of METALURE® is the same as for all other VMP aluminum pigment dispersions for solvent-borne coatings.  They are typically added to the finished paint or ink while stirring constantly. Compared to conventional aluminum pigments, METALURE® pigments show significant improvement in shear stability.

What is the shelf life of a typical METALURE® pigment?

For most METALURE® pigment dispersions, the shelf life is two years (24 months).  However, for certain grades (A-6’s, L-6’s and SILVERDREAM Prismatic H-115002) the shelf life is one year (12 months).

METALURE® is a registered trademark of ECKART America.