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Water Based Automotive Coatings
Water Based Automotive Coatings

Why Water Based Automotive Coatings?

Water based automotive coatings allow manufacturers to create emotionally appealing products, while observing the highest level of environmental consciousness.

For many people, housing is the greatest expense. If you live in a region that allows you to own a vehicle, your automobile will likely be the second largest purchase after your home. It is no wonder that car buying and owning can be filled with so many emotionally triggered actions.

What makes water based automotive coatings different?

Water Based Automotive Coatings Gold
Water Based Automotive Coatings Gold

Replacing solvents for water doesn’t mean sacrificing performance. Many automotive coatings manufacturers produce water based systems that perform just as well as their solvent cousins. In many cases, there are great advantages to using a water based system over a solvent system.

Pigments for water based coatings do not always easily crossover from solvent borne systems. ECKART continues to work with automotive coatings manufactures to create metallic effect pigments that are suitable for water based systems. The water based (waterborne) movement is a global one, having become a growing market in Europe, China, India, Africa and the Americas. As a global manufacturer of pigments, ECKART supports manufactures no matter where they are.

Less Product with Higher Opacity.

Some manufacturers state that by switching to the water based version of their product, you can expect to use 25% less. This increased hiding power with a thinner film means less waste and better savings.

ECKART offers STAPA IL HYDROLAN, an aluminum pigment paste that offers gassing stability and high shear resistance. A high metallic gloss is also possible with HYRDROLAN’s narrow particle size distribution.

Water based doesn’t mean fewer options.

Water based automotive coatings are offered with pearlescent pigments as well. Whether glass or synthetic mica, ECKART offers pearlescent pigments that bring superior color and metallic effect  automotive coatings.

Water can speed up production.

In many cases water based products can speed up production. This is because of wet-on-wet applications. Unlike most solvent-based systems that require curing before the next coat, water based systems can move to the next coat before the previous is fully hardened.

What makes ECKART standout as a pigment manufacturer is our willingness to provide custom formulation and technical support. We work with manufacturers and end users to ensure the pigments work in the paint, but also on the production line.

Water based is environmentally conscious.

If we can make effect pigments and coatings that are better for the environment, shouldn’t we? At ECKART we understand our role to offer safe and effective pigments. This is why our line of water based pigments is so extensive. Our goal is to ensure we have a water based pigment for all uses possible. If a manufacturer has a need for water based pigments and the market doesn’t have a solution, we will find one.

Are water based automotive coatings and pigments only for OEM?

Water based products being available across all aspects of automotive coating is another shining attribute of these systems. With water being the like solvent, color matching and blending become easier. This means that collision shops using refinishing products will experience the same color as the OEM application since water is the only reducer.

Water based automotive coatings and their pigments are used in:

  • OEM
  • Refinishing
  • Rim Coatings
  • Accessories and Interiors

ECKART employs many professionals in research and development, technical service, customer service and sales. Our pride is in our ability to be accessible to the customer, the end user, or to anyone that needs skilled and quality help with pigment related problems. Fill out the form and an ECKART representative will get in touch with you right away.