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„STAPA® HCP 4000 enables silver metallic effects with up to double the gloss and flop properties compared to conventional products for these applications.”

Thomas Schneider

Product Evaluation Coatings

STAPA® HCP 4000 takes ECKART's already well-known HCP series of highly stable silver metallic pigments to a whole new level. The new products STAPA® HCP 4125 and 4225 are based on selected aluminium platinum dollars. Thanks to our innovative HCP acrylate polymer coating process, these are given a special encapsulation.

This combination leads to a remarkable increase in gloss, flop and hiding power. The STAPA® HCP 4000 series brings with it the well-known high chemical resistance of STAPA® HCP, which gives the entire product range its name: HCP stands for High Chemical Performance.

Application areas for the new pigments of the STAPA® HCP 4000 series can be found in both industrial and automotive coatings. STAPA® HCP 4225 as a coarser, darker type is mainly used in coil coating. The fine, light silver look of STAPA® HCP 4125 cuts an elegant figure, especially in vehicle interiors.


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