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Information on the coronavirus, status 12.03.2020

Employee health and supply reliability have top priority

Dear customer and business partner,

considering the rapid spread of the coronavirus worldwide, ECKART intensified the work in its Pandemic management team and with regard to the communication with authorities for situation-adapted measures. We drew up pandemic plans and realized significant protective measures.

These include:

  • Implementation of strict protective measures and hygiene regulations for all employees to avoid infections of all kinds
  • Limited personal contact with customers, suppliers and visitors. Special security measures for areas with a lot of contact to visitors or external companies.
  • Ban on business trips to current risk areas as well as general, extensive business trip restrictions, including travel by air or rail; intensification of mobile work
  • Postponement of on-site customer seminars, employee seminars and internal courses
  • For safety reasons, people returning from risk areas - whether on business or private trips - work at home for two weeks before returning to work
  • Adjustments in the operating procedures in order to ensure production reliability and production processes. Among other things, training of additional personnel for the dispatch of goods in order to be able to fall back on trained employees in case of sickness related absences
  • Securing raw materials by stocking sufficient quantities for medium-term coverage

In terms of supply reliability, ECKART will, where possible, build up additional stocks of semi-finished and finished products and will thus continue to be able to deliver in the event of short-term failures.

At present, all production sites are running in normal operation. Should there be any restrictions, we will inform you immediately.

Please get back to your contact person if you have additional questions.