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After the restrictions of the pandemic period, we feel liberated: We dive back into full life, want to present ourselves, want to see and be seen. Our color-strong effect pigments for cosmetics lend expressive accents to this regained attitude to life.


Travel again! A look fit for adventure and Social Media

In Autumn it pulls us back out into the world and a light, natural look, that looks great on social media is a must. Inspiration for IRISH SAGA comes from the green island, with natural and not too dominant colors that remind of smoked salmon, brown peat and silver-gray grass. This very romantic and natural looking shades are obtained by combinations of SYNCRYSTAL Ivory with earth colors or other two-tone pigments. To underline the romantic look, ECOFIL B110 is used in some formulations.


  • Nail Polishes: Cottage Rose, Green Treasure, Sheep Wool & Black Stone
  • Brow Gel Booster: Single Malt Whiskey
  • Lip Gloss: Banshee´s Kiss
  • Lipstick: Red Moss
  • Pressed Eye Shadow: Pearly Peat & Silver Grass, Smoked Salmon


Enjoy culture again! The thrill of making-up

RUSSIAN FAIRY TALES is inspired by the glamour of an evening at the Bolshoi theater. It celebrates the making-up for an exceptional event and stands for traditional noble colors such as gold, red, green and blue.

The intense colors are possible using SYNCRYSTAL effect pigments to create strong and covering red tones, whereas MIRAGE sets the right accents for a festive evening make-up. The rich textures -perfect for the cold season! – are achieved thanks to CLAYTONE and TIXOGEL mastergels.


  • Nail Polishes: Cathedral’s Roof, Siberian Night, Golden Threat & Matrioska’s Skarf
  • Creamy Rouge: Red Curtain
  • Creamy Eye-Liner: Nutcracker Black
  • Eye Stay Cream: Emerald Sparkle & Golden Sparkle
  • Lipstick: Dark Firebird


Dance again! And get lost in party nights


  • Nail Polishes: Alien Spirit, Alien Eye, Alien Skin & Alien Blood
  • Multipurpose Sparkle Powder: Galaxy Stars
  • Silky Finish Highlighter: Electric Nebula
  • Liquid Eye Liner: White Starship
  • Lip duo: Laser Kisses Lip Tint & Major Stardust Gloss-Topper

LOST IN SPACE reminds of science fiction novels and night-tours around clubs, enjoy¬ing freedom and the night’s hustle and bustle, but always with an individual touch.

Combinations of MIRAGE and SYNCRYSTAL pigments result in striking effects in the applications: eye-catching shine, high transparency and singular color purity, which remind of foreign galaxies in outer space. Since there are no limits in party make-up, this concept showcases many multipurpose applications that enable very individual looks.

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