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LAVENDER: Trend colour of the month July

LAVENDER is a shade that makes us mentally travel to Provence, a fragrant moment whose smell and color convey lightness. LAVENDER has both warm and cool elements and can be used in many ways. Pairings with yellow, green and orange create freshness. Combined with bronze, gray and off-white, it creates a modern, urban feel.

Effective mix of different pigments

A sophisticated combination of ECKART effect pigments achieves the strong color impression of the trend color LAVENDER:

EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne plays the main role in the formulation of LAVENDER. The synthetic pearlescent pigments contribute their silky pearlescence with simultaneously impressive chroma. EDELSTEIN Ruby Red enhances the color intensity. SYMIC E 241 underlines the reddish interference effect. STAPA® PP Reflexal 1531/80 is one of the brightest metallic effect pigments for plastics on the market. It imparts a bright, metallic character.

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Your ECKART pigments for the formulation of the LAVENDER colour trend:

CUBANIT: Trend colour of the month June

The shade CUBANIT balances modernity and down-to-earthness: it represents both industry and nature. CUBANIT bridges the gap between different design worlds. Gray reflects the classic elegance, the polished metal of vibrant cities. In nature, it is the stones, shaped and polished by the weather, showing themselves in different shades of gray.

Exceptional combination of effect pigments

CUBANIT contains an exceptional combination of three different ECKART effect pigments: STAPA® PP Reflexal 3432/85, as one of the brightest metal effect pigment for plastics on the market, boosts a strong silver metallic tone.

EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne contributes its mysterious and unexpected color shimmer. Finally, PLATALUX E adds sparkling aspects to create even more attention.

Please contact us for the detailed formulation:


Your ECKART pigments for the formulation of the CUBANIT colour trend:

LEMON: Trend colour of the month May

Even trendier: with effect pigments.

ECKART effect pigments make even more of the trendy LEMON shade: the pearlescent pigments LUXAN E221 and SYMIC C393 contribute their velvety shimmer and give the Plastics end product an impressive depth effect. We will be happy to provide you with the formulation of LEMON!


The smell of lemon immediately makes our mouths water: Who doesn't immediately have the image of a juicy, sunny yellow fruit in mind? This invigorating shade evokes pleasurable thoughts of cool drinks, sweets and pastries. Used as a single colour, LEMON presents itself as a proud tone, but also forms the perfect antithesis to grey, blue and green.

LEMON is the ideal partner for lifestyle articles, toys, sports accessories and food packaging. It adds freshness and youthfulness, not only to cosmetic packaging, but to a lot of other imaginable applications. LEMON infuses traditional elements with modernity and emphasises simple beauty.

„Our formulation for LEMON is suitable for almost all polymer systems. It can be used in all applications such as injection or blow moulding as well as extrusion”

Wolfgang Trenz

Technical Service Plastics

Your ECKART pigments for the formulation of the LEMON colour trend:


LAVENDER, CUBANIT and LEMON are part of our new COLOUR ROAD 2021 Trends for Plastics!
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