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ECKART Private Label: Service from A - Z

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Daniela Glück

Sales Manager




What can your business partners expect from ECKART in the private label sector?

Our claim at ECKART is "pigments are personal" - from this we derive a comprehensive promise. Our customers include brand-name manufacturers from industry, as well as renowned trading companies and aerosol fillers, whom we supply with finished aerosol cans, coating colors, active ingredients and concentrates. Our business partners can rely on the uniquely high quality of our paints and aerosols just as much as on our versatile range of services, which are available to them from day one. These offers are combined with an important added value for our customers: Our all-round carefree package relieves them of many processes - and they can focus on their core business.

First of all, let's talk about product quality. What exactly do you mean by this?

Under the buzzword high product quality, we bundle a number of properties that characterize our range and which we have proven using the test procedures for our pigments that are standard in our industry. All coatings contain our proven metal-based pigment formulations.

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Please name a few examples.

ECKART effect coatings, for example, combine brilliant silver, copper and gold tones with high gloss and high opacity. Depending on the application, the coatings are also weather-resistant, impact-resistant, smudge-proof and grip-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor applications. The thermal coatings have a temperature resistance of up to 400° and 500° C, respectively. Our protective coatings, on the other hand, offer excellent adhesion. They are weather-resistant, abrasion-resistant and spot-weldable.

Take corrosion protection, for example: Here ECKART offers a range of primers, metal primers as well as repair paints. What makes a successful formulation?

For us, quality begins with the selection of raw materials. For our zinc sprays, for example, we use only a small amount of zinc dust. The active part of our formulations are zinc flakes based on high-purity raw zinc. We combine these with aluminum flakes and other components to guarantee optimum corrosion protection. By the way, we offer a total of twelve different formulations for zinc sprays, matched to the different application possibilities.

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What is the advantage of zinc flakes?

The advantages are manifold: First, the platelet-shaped flake pigments have a surface area three to four times larger and thus significantly more active than the dust particles. Second, the flakes are significantly thinner than the dust particles. This is the best prerequisite for them to convert one hundred percent into zinc oxide on contact with moisture and for the active zinc pigment to be completely consumed. This is generally not the case with zinc dust, where a heavy-metal core remains, even if the cathodic potential of the pigment has not actually been used up. Thus, zinc flake formulations offer an excellent opportunity to work effectively with thin layers.

Does the raw material selection also affect the processability of the sprays?

That is correct. Due to the reduced use of metallic zinc, the dispersions can be shaken up well and are easy to handle overall.

ECKART has formulation know-how that has grown over several generations. What role does it play in product quality?

Here again, our zinc sprays are a very good example. Cathodic corrosion protection works better the greater the number of contact areas. This is exactly what we can achieve with our formulation. With the formulations we choose, we ensure that the platelets in the application are aligned parallel to the substrate, and in the best case they even overlap. This multiplies the number of contact areas - compared to dust particles - many times over.

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How do end users learn about these benefits of ECKART private label products?

We support our business partners in a variety of ways, for example by producing brochures or newsletters for the end users. If desired, we also offer our customers in-house training courses, during which we provide employees with valuable knowledge about the technical background of the sprays and coatings. This information provides our customers with valuable support for their marketing.

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These marketing offers are part of the comprehensive service package available to your customers. What exactly does it include?

It's part of our business model that we supply our customers with coatings or sprays that they ultimately just have to put on the shelf. The only task that remains for them is to provide us with the print documents with logo and address data. We take care of everything else in cooperation with several contract fillers. Our services range from production and filling to labeling and packaging. With our technical expertise, we support our business partners in formulating product information and labeling based on the relevant applicable legal guidelines. For the sprays, customers can choose between different can sizes or cap shapes. As far as labels are concerned, wet glue or self-adhesive products are available. Alternatively, we can also use lithographed cans.

That sounds impressive. Are there customers who still have special requests?

Of course, and we are happy to fulfill these as well. However, under one important condition: If the guaranteed purchase quantity per year is over 600 kg (based on active ingredient quantity in the aerosol can), we develop customer-specific solutions.