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Come alive with gold, silver, and silk

Make your own four walls reflect your personality – multi-faceted, extraordinary, and uniquely you. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement or subtle shades – with SHINEDECOR metallic and pearlescent effects, you’ll find exactly the right solution for you.

The pigment concentrate to suit your lifestyle

The color of the walls creates the vibe in a room – silky, shimmering red and copper tones produce a truly cozy atmosphere. Warm gold accents highlight individual surfaces. And lustrous metallic walls provide a modern setting for statement furniture.

SHINEDECOR pigment concentrates are based on aluminum, gold-bronze, or pearlescent pigments, which help to create breathtaking, sparkling gold and silver effects or silky, shimmering colour tones. The broad range of particle sizes – from coarse to fine – open up a whole world of possibilities, from a refined, unstructured appearance through to an intensive glittering effect.

The ready-made, pumpable concentrate is also extremely well suited to wooden and leather surfaces, and it can be easily combined with eco-friendly wall paints, water-based wood varnishes, or decorative glazes.

SHINEDECOR protects the environment and can be used without restriction for coatings that meet the RAL UZ 102 ecolabel criteria. This is ensured by the high pigment content and the low quantities of additives such as VOC, APEO, binding agents, or plasticizers. The pigment concentrate exhibits excellent wetting behavior and does not precipitate. Simply stir in the pigment concentrate, apply the paint by rolling it, spreading it, or using a spatula, and then polish as desired once the paint has dried. And there you have it – a custom metallic look or pearly luster.

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Water-Based Effect Pigment Concentrates for Creative Surface Designs

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