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The trend colors for spring and summer 2025

Anticipation is simply the greatest joy - the perfect attitude for our new trend colors!

Everyone longs for spring, when nature awakens and the first delicate colors appear. We have completely reinterpreted the pastel colors of spring. MIRAGE pigments give them a lively image with high-quality sparkling effects. With our effect pigments, you can create a wild, exuberant version of these delicate classics!

We are also overcome with anticipation just before summer: finally get away from it all, finally go on vacation! The effect pigments from VISIONAIRE, SILVERDREAM and MIRAGE create impressive sparkle and pearl shimmer in the summer colors azure blue, sunny yellow and sandy brown. Our third trend concept takes us on a sonorous journey that combines music and effective style.

Make sure to have a look at our brand new product, MIRAGE Glamour Space Silver, that provides outstanding, glittering highlights: Depending on the incidence of light, its impressive sparkle surprises from an ever-changing perspective.

Infused Twinkle

Effervescent version of magic pastels!

Eckart_Trend Colors Spring Summer_2025-Desktop@2x-2360x1200.jpg

We all love candy colors!

They are our first choice, especially in spring, when we long for lightness and happiness. The delicate tones ensure a good mood and a positive charisma. The colors usually look very well-behaved - they are unobtrusive, but not inconspicuous.

“Infused Twinkle”provides a little surprise with this choice – because: ECKART is now conjuring up a new image for these pastel tones with high-quality, sparkling pigments, creating a bubbly effervescent version!

The Twinkle Trio with its new stars MIRAGE Twinkling Gold and Twinkling Red is in the spotlight together with the MIRAGE Standard and Bright types.

They are subtle and yet strong; shiny and also sparkling. In the creamy eyeshadow triple, a dainty violet meets a stronger baby blue and pistachio green with interference effects.

The glow powder in sugar coral impresses with its appearance and can be applied discreetly or more heavily, depending on your wishes.



  • Nail polishes: Pineberry Juice, Wild Mint Soda, Fizzy Lilac Water
  • Primer: Lemon & Ginger
  • Creamy Eyeshadow Triple: Lavender & Blueberry, Blue Curaçao & Cocos, Basil & Starfruit
  • Glow Powder: Melon Mocktail
  • Wonderful Lip Gloss: Hibiscus Tonic
  • Eyeliner: Blackcurrant

Hey Vacay

Metallic moments for a sun-kissed season


Anticipation is the greatest joy!

Finally! Finally a break. Finally relaxation. Finally escape from everyday life, recharge your battery, and gather new strength. Finally vacation!

Inspired by countless travel destinations and their impressive color worlds, this metallic summer edition was created. Every corner of the earth has its very special places and landscapes. No matter whether Greece, Italy or of course the Caribbean...

By“Hey Vacay” the metallic VISIONAIRE pigments create wonderful colors such as shiny azure blue, sunny yellow or sandy brown, accompanied by MIRAGE and SILVERDREAM with their marvelous gleam and sparkle.

The applications with our brand-new product MIRAGE Glamour Space Silver are definitely eye-catchers. Stunning effects and glorious colors are achieved. There is definitely a color for everyone here that makes the heart beat faster and creates a holiday feeling at home.


  • Highlighter drops: Punta Cana Glow
  • Liquid Lipstick: Saint Lucia
  • Bronzing Cream: Bali Beach
  • Compact Eyeshadows: Rimini Sunset, Santorini Sky
  • Nail Polishes: Halong Bay, Rio de Janeiro, La Spezia, Machu Picchu


Festival Vibes

Immerse yourself in fancy worlds


Yippee Ya Yeah: It's that time again!
Music festivals are the best way to experience an incredible amount and get to know new things in the shortest possible time. They allow us to immerse ourselves in a parallel world and are the secret must-haves of a new leisure and work culture. For many, festivals like Tomorrowland, Coachella, Parookaville or Rock im Park are simply an important part of summer. And they literally scream for the perfect makeup & styling and the latest trends..

The wide and colorful spectrum of ECKART effect pigments is ideally suited for this purpose. As a visitor you want to look edgy! Which works perfectly with the lipstick that contains SYNCRYSTAL Rose Opal and the highlighter stick with MIRAGE Holo Magic. At the same time, the styling must be quick. The pearly glow and eyeshadow gel with SYNCRYSTAL Ivory and Turquoise are fantastic all-rounders.

Eckart_Trend Colors 2025 Festival applications-Desktop@2x-1170x636.jpg


  • Cheek & Eye Color: Music Lover
  • Lidschatten-Gel: DJ Fabulous
  • Pearly Glow Gel: Dance 'til Dawn
  • Highlighter Stick: Loud 'n' Proud
  • Luminous Lipstick: Parosaville
  • Nail Polishes: Electric Blue, Rocking Day & Night, Techno Beats

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