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ECKART BYK CBA Group of Cosmetic Products WEBsRGB-TabletLandscape-435x302.jpg

August 21, 2023

Strategic Reshuffle CBA

Focus on optical effects for beauty and personal care


Aug. 4, 2023


Natural glow and satiny interference effects

ECKART METALURE C series mirror effects WEB-Desktop@2x-560x400.jpg

July 26, 2023

ALTANA Innovation Award 2023

ALTANA awards ECKART's new METALURE® C series.

Cosmetics Autumn Winter 2024 2025 s.jpg

Jul. 11, 2023

Cosmetics Trend Colors Autumn & Winter 2024/25

Let us look two years ahead - at the colors of the future!


Jul. 10, 2023

MIRAGE Twinkling Gold

Golden effect pigment with pronounced sparkle and strong colour intensity

ECKART NIR Silver_web.jpg

July 25, 2023

Kunststoffe Int.: Tech. article

Silver lining for recyling: special pigments make NIR sorting easier (EN)

ECKART NIR Silver web.jpg

Jul. 7, 2023

Kunststoffe: Technical article

Silver lining for recycling: special pigments make NIR sorting easier (DE)


JUN 23, 2023

Update ECKART Surcharges for Q3/2023

Adjustment of the temporary procurement and metal surcharges


Jun. 15, 2023

Farbe und Lack: Technical Article

Flakes vs. dust: sustainable formulations with zinc flakes (DE)


Apr 25, 2023

Mum Beauty - Mummy's Little Helpers

The new ECKART trend concept for Cosmetics

ECKART gold powders WEB-Desktop@2x-560x400.jpg

APR 3, 2023

Update ECKART Surcharges for Q2/2023

Adjustment of the temporary procurement and metal surcharges

ECKART Brilliance Rethought Slider-Desktop@2x-560x400.jpg

MAR 23th , 2023

BRILLIANCE RETHOUGHT for a Sustainable Coating Future

Wide range of technological and optical product innovations

Weihnachtsspende 2022 PM Selbshilfegruppe krebskranker Kinder_WEB-Desktop@2x-560x400.jpg

FEB 23th , 2023

ECKART donates to support group for children with cancer

Donations instead of gifts for customers


JAN 23th, 2023

Dedicated Acme-Hardesty Sales Manager for Canada

ECKART America expanded the Acme-Hardesty Co. territory to include Canada.

ECKART EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue AdobeStock_207913796_3000px.jpg

Nov. 15, 2022

Farbe und Lack: Fachartikel

Neue Generation an Effektpigmenten (DE)

ECKART EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue AdobeStock_207913796_3000pxl_WEBsRGB2-Desktop@2x-560x400.jpg

Sept. 22, 2022

European Coatings Journal: Technical Article

Sparkling Results with Spacer Technology (EN)