Unbeatable gloss, highest opacity, resistance above average

ECKART's metal pigment paints - simply convincing.

We offer products that really stand the test! Our focus is on functional products such as zinc flake sprays and paints as well as heat-resistant coatings and metallic special effects.

With our range we cover a wide spectrum of applications: whether decorative metallic effects for hobby and DIY, weather-resistant coatings for home and garden or heat-resistant sprays for extreme applications such as vehicle engines or stove pipes.

All products are also available as Private Label: our products, provided with your own label!

Protection and beauty throughout the entire product life

Our range of metallic pigment paints covers the following four application areas:

Corrosion protection and functional paints

Corrosion protection paints and sprays for priming and protecting of untreated steel parts.

Surface Protection- and Special Application Paints

Surface protection and special paints and sprays provide full protection against weathering and rust.

Heat Resistant Paints

Our exceptionally heat resistant as well as decorative special paints withstand the most extreme heat conditions.

Decorative Paints and Sprays

Highly brilliant, metallic shine for decorative indoor and outdoor applications.

Brilliance and resistance made by ECKART.

Our experts will tell you how you can enhance your products optically and functionally.

Private Label Service

Brilliant service: We offer you our ready-made aerosols which we will provide with your own label. We are at your disposal for more detailed information. Contact our experts!

Finished products by ECKART

Our wholesale partner ENORICA offers you a selection of finished products of our own ECKART brand. Please contact us for more details.


We produce aerosol agents and have them filled into aerosol cans. Our standard size is 400 ml.
Choose your active ingredient and send us your order for your private label aerosol can!

Aerosol agents and concentrates

Use according to filling recommendation or individualized


ECKART produces functional and decorative coatings. Choose from a range of established, high-quality metallic
paints such as our gold effect paints or the well-known silver and black thermal paints.

Our high performers for various applications.

  1. Concentrate Zincflake 012 180 kgs
  2. Concentrate Stainless Steel 200 kg
  3. Agent Acryl Copper 180 kgs
  4. Zinkausbesserung hell
  5. Metallic Paint Silver
  6. Metallic Paint Decoration Gold
  7. Agent Chrome Effect Spray P/B 170 kgs
  8. Heat Resistant Paint Silver


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Individual Advice & Service

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