ECKART makes its contribution to
environmental protection

ECKART Net-Zero Program

Decarbonization & resource conservation

ECKART is committed to sustainability at all its sites worldwide. With our Net-Zero program, we have set ourselves ambitious goals to become the market leader for sustainable effect pigments.

As a first milestone, we are setting our CO2 emissions in production and energy procurement worldwide to zero (GHG Scope 1 & 2) until 2025. Already in March 2020, the power supply at all sites was switched to renewable energies. To assess the environmental impact of our processes and products, as well as their life cycle, we use the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. These analyses make it possible to derive targeted measures to drive decarbonization forward on an ongoing basis. For example, we have launched initial pilot projects on the use of secondary materials and the maximization of renewable energies. We also work with our customers on innovations to jointly create sustainable value for society and drive sustainable growth.

Consistent climate strategy

Our primary focus for enhancing sustainability lies in making our own products and those of our customers more sustainable, a commitment we uphold daily. Concurrently, we are steadfast in our pursuit of achieving greenhouse gas neutrality across all three scopes. ECKART is on the right track: Since 2014, we have already achieved a substantial reduction of approximately 80 percent in greenhouse gas emissions within Scopes 1 and 2.

Energy management

By sourcing green power, our carbon footprint has been significantly reduced.

In Germany, energy-related emissions are responsible for around 85% of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, we see it as our responsibility to make our contribution in this area. Since November 2012, we have been certified with 50001 in order to systematically improve the energy-related performance of ECKART GmbH in the long term. By purchasing green electricity, our CO2 footprint has been significantly reduced. In addition to replacing fossil fuels, we are working on continuously optimizing our processes to increase energy efficiency.

At our sites, projects are underway to further reduce the proportion of fossil fuels and replace them with renewable energy sources where possible. At our Güntersthal site, we are currently working on replacing heating oil with biomass. Since 2018, we have increasingly been using e-vehicles. We regularly exchange information with other companies as part of efficiency initiatives in order to identify further potential for improvement.

Circular economy

We are working on the substitution of primary resources with secondary raw materials

With regard to the use of primary resources we are working on substitution with secondary raw materials and the use of raw materials from renewable sources. Our supply chain is also part of our sustainability efforts. We expect our suppliers to act in accordance with legal requirements on environmental protection. Our direct suppliers are also required to comply with our company's sustainability standards. Let's protect the environment together.

Use the disposal channels provided for packaging and make a contribution to recycling. Only packaging that is collected can be recycled. Packaging waste that typically arises in households is mainly disposed of via the dual systems in Germany. More information on this can be found in the initiative of the dual systems "Mülltrennung wirkt" at For packaging that does not belong to the dual systems, we offer collection options.



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