Rich effects, incredible depth, multiple combinations. ECKART delivers that certain something:

Metallic and pearlescent pigments for your products.

Pearlescent and metallic pigments - classic ingredients that enhance beauty, give powders, eye shadows, nail polishes, hair care products and shower gels a fascinating shimmer and unique depth, open up completely new possibilities and make themselves indispensable for the production of today's cosmetic.

The result is always impressive: excellent cosmetics for radiant moments.

Applications and Effects:

Eye - Colour Cosmetics

Face - Colour Cosmetics

Lips - Colour Cosmetics

Nails - Colour Cosmetics

Body Care

Natural Cosmetics

Rheology Additives

True beauty comes from you: from your formulation!

Our experts reveal how the use of effect pigments and additives can make all the difference.

We are constantly researching new effects and formulations. With our experience, we can help our customers reduce production costs, shorten development times, improve sensor technology and make products more environmentally friendly.
You can find our latest ideas here:

Glitter & sparkle - without plastics

Get to know our microplastic-free alternatives!

Clean + Care concept

Microplastic-free formulations for facial care - each skin type!

MIRAGE Twinkling Red

Striking sparkle with intense violet-red interference color

It's NOT plastic, that's fantastic!

Now it's getting pink! Plastic-free glitter with effect pigments

Discover the power of lignin!

LIGNOBASE: the sustainable ingredient for cosmetics

Cosmetics Trend Colors

Sun-kissed: the trend colors for spring & summer 2025!

Mum Beauty: Mummy's Little Helpers

Be inspired by our trend concept "Mum Beauty"!

MIRAGE Bright Luminous Red

High-chroma red effects

Go for Bronze!

How ECKART's versatile effect pigments achieve the look of a perfect summer tan:


Volume color, glow effect and strong hiding power combined in one pigment

Trend Colors for Cosmetics

Autumn & Winter 2024 / 2025: Find out here what colors are in for the next autumn and winter season!

MIRAGE Twinkling Gold

Intense gold pigments with impressive sparkle - approved for natural cosmetics!

Product lines that magically attract.

  1. MIRAGE Bright Luminous Red
  2. MIRAGE Glamour Silver
  3. MIRAGE Sparkling Luxury Gold
  5. SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Red
  6. SILVERDREAM Starlight 70 IL
  7. VISIONAIRE Splendid Silver Sea
  8. SYNAFIL S 1050


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