Bonding made easy: with STARBONDING from ECKART.

STARBONDING is the ideal way to produce high-quality metallic and pearlescent effect powder coatings. As our partner, you simply provide us with the base powder coating as a starting material.

In Europe, we offer the STARBONDING service at our headquarters in Hartenstein, Bavaria. Contact us directly and get individual advice.

For North America, we offer the STARBONDING service at our production facility in Painesville, Ohio, USA.

In the STARBONDING process, ECKART refines your base powder coating with metallic effect and/or pearlescent pigments to form bonded powder coatings. The platelet-shaped effect pigments are fixed to the surface of the powder coating particles in a thermo-mechanical process.

The most important advantages for your customers:

In contrast to the dry-blend process, bonded powder coatings guarantee a high degree of process reliability during application.

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